The Division 2 New Roadmap Reveals 2 Big Updates Coming in 2022, Work on Year 5 Content Has Started

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Earlier today, Ubisoft’s Massive Entertainment took to Twitch for a special The Division 2 stream where they not only recapped what has happened to the game so far, but also what’s coming down the line. For players looking forward for more new content, your wish has been granted, as Ubisoft has revealed The Division 2 new roadmap!

This roadmap confirms that there are two big title updates planned for this year, and that Season 10 “Rise of Power” is now scheduled to drop on September 13! The new PvE game mode the studio is cooking up will be revealed at a later date, though the studio didn’t specify when exactly.

The Division 2 New Roadmap:

Season 10 (Out September 13):

  • New Manhunt
  • New Gear, Weapons and 2 Apparel Events
  • New Countdown Difficulties
  • New Legendary Difficulty Strongholds
  • Quality of Life Improvements

Season 11 (Out December):

  • New Manhunt
  • New Game Mode
  • New Gear, Weapons and 2 Apparel Events
  • Quality of Life Improvements

While the new content is good, Massive has confirmed that the awaited Spec revamp won’t be part of Season 10 nor Season 11. The studio is still working on it, and will give further info once they’re happy with the changes made.

Also of note, the devs have also shared details on the PTS (Private Test Server) for Title Update 16! 

Raise the cap on all crafting and optimization materials

For TU16 they want to raise the cap on all crafting and optimization materials that can be held by players to harmonize all of them.

Countdown changes

You will be able to test the Countdown changes:

Additional Difficulties:

(Challenging is the difficulty that is live at the moment)

In addition to that, Massive has confirmed that work on Year 5 has begun! While no details regarding that (understandably) has been revealed, it’s good to know that more content is on the way.

That’s about it. Not a bad showing for the game’s future, as there’s also a mobile version set to be released, as well as the in-development The Division Heartland.

Source: Twitch via  JokerUnique

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