The Division 2 Next-Gen Versions “Unlikely,” as Taking “Full Advantage” Would Leave Last-Gen Behind

The Division 2 next-gen

With Ubisoft confirming another year of support for The Division 2, some might be wondering whether this means we’ll also see native The Division 2 next-gen versions for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. Well, we have the answer to that and it’s not exactly good news.

Speaking to MP1st, The Division 2 Creative Director Yannick Banchereau explained the reasoning for the studio not pushing out a native next-gen version of their game:

MP1st: Will we ever see a native PS5, Xbox Series X|S version of The Division 2?

Banchereau: That’s unlikely because if we really wanted to take full advantage of those, since we only have one version of the game that is available on all platforms, taking full advantage of those would mean that the game would no longer be available on the old generations.

We still have a lot of players that play on all generations and we are not ready to leave them behind and ask them to upgrade. Right now we are trying to make sure every time we add something, it still runs smoothly on the old gen as well.

Important to note that while there is no native next-gen versions of The Division 2, the game did get a patch that implemented 60 frames-per-second at 4K resolution for the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. It’s just that there are no additional graphical improvements or gameplay features specific to next-gen added.

Stay tuned to our full interview with Ubisoft regarding The Division 2 hitting the site soon. Don’t forget, the Resident Evil apparel event is coming back this April 25. You can also watch over 12 minutes of gameplay from us featuring the upcoming Descent game mode inbound for Year 5 Season 1!

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