The Division 2 PTS Changes That Are Coming to Title Update 5 Outlined

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Earlier today, a new State of the Game was aired by Ubisoft for The Division 2, and in it, upcoming changes coming to the game have been outlined. Of course, before it makes it into the final patch version, it needs to be tested on the PTS (Public Test Server) first. If you’re curious about the upcoming The Division 2 PTS changes, read on below.

Title Update 5 / Episode 1 PTS

  • Will be open on Monday
  • The content will be open in stages, so that specific content can be tested one at a time.
  • The exact schedule will be posted later.


Highlighted Changes:



  • The entire blueprint pool of Inaya, Projects and Control Points are now shared, so if you missed a project you can grind them out at Control Points.



  • Heroic Bosses drop Exotics
  • There will no longer be any stat downgrade when you update an Exotic to GS 500. Upgraded Exotics roll at max level – so if you have a GS 500 Nemesis, you have the same GS 500 Nemesis as everyone else.


Gun Runner Buff

  • Cassie Mendoza will now sell GS500 items.
  • She will also sell Named Items and Exotics


Crafting Station Upgrade

  • The Crafting Station can be upgraded to GS 500
  • The upgrade requires a GS 490 Gun, GS 490 Gear Piece and Materials



  • Crafted items can be used for recalibration.



  • There will be a flashlight attachment for pistols.
  • It can be found somewhere.


Two new weapons

  • Two new weapons will be added with Title Update 5.
  • Carbine 7 Assault Rifle
  • Stoner LMG
  • Both with new Talents
  • Diamond back leaver action rifle

=> Carbine 7 / Stoner LMG


New Gloves

  • New Exotic BTSU (Black Tusk Special Unit) Gloves.
  • This is specialized on hybrid Skill Builds (Offensive / Crowd Control combos) when you switch between those skills you will unlock very good buffs.
  • For example the Remote Pulse will have a detonate effect)

=> Cloves

In addition to those, a bunch of things are being looked into by Ubisoft Massive.

Skills Overhaul

They have done an overhaul of all Skills and in particular how they interact with Skill mods – how they get buffed and get more effective. The most viable skill-builds revolved around explosive skills – now they are even stronger, while the other like the Turret or the Shields are on par with that.



It basically started with looking at the DPS meta and how much damage you can do with weapons. At the moment you can do up to 3 Million DPS with an assault rifle build. They then basically used that as a benchmark and started working on the Skill Builds so that they can keep up with that. The goal was not to nerf the weapons – but to buff, a 100% Skill focused to build up to that level.


What as changed

Gear Mods

The Gear Mods got a big buff in how much impact they have on the Skills:

For example:

  • TU4: A 3k Skill Power Turret Mod will buff the damage for 25-30%
  • TU5: A 3k Skill Power Turret Mod will buff the damage for 150%


Cooldown Reduction becomes Skill Haste

They also looked at cooldowns and how effective the current cooldown system is. It was very easy to get 90% Skill cooldown and get it down to 10 seconds. This is a problematic situation.


What they basically did is, that they changed Cooldown Reduction into Skill Haste. Skill Haste goes way above 100% and is a healthier system for the long term health of the game.

  • So as of Title Update 5 Cooldown Reduction has been renamed into Skill Haste on all your items.
  • The current values will also be buffed by 33%
  • There are also very powerful Skill Haste Mods – so when you have 3k Skill Power you can have up to 200% Skill Haste on those mods.


Damage Buffs to Skills

The damage Skills were also buffed to do a lot more damage to the NPCs – even before the buffs from the Specialization are added on top of that. So when you have 3k Skill Power you can do a lot of damage even on challenging difficulty. But on heroic difficulty, it will still take some effort.


Weapons are Still very much viable

While the Skills got a big buff – the king of continuous damage are still the weapons. This rework is not about “replacing weapon builds with skill builds” but to make them a viable option on the battlefield.


Shields were also buffed

The Shield-Skills also got a big buff to become more usable on the battlefield

In case you’re curious, a big patch was released last week, which you can read about here.

Source: Reddit