The Division 2 Season 3 Known Issues, Global Event Changes Detailed

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With The Division 2 getting its huge Title Update 11 earlier this week, this ushered in a new mode, changes and Season 3 as well. In this week’s State of the Game devstream, Ubisoft talked about The Division 2 Season 3 known issues, Global Event changes and more.

The Division 2 Season 3 Known Issues, Global Event Changes:

Season 3 intro video loop

  • They don’t have a fix for this issue ready for tomorrow, but it is a top priority to be fixed
  • As soon as the fix is ready, they will deploy it.

Players equipped mods are unexpectedly changing attribute or function

  • They are working on a fix for that and hopefully also one that will restore the old mods.
  • No ETA for that fix yet.

Control point alert level indicator is missing on the mega map

  • That is being worked on.

Deployed skills becoming invisible

  • That is being worked on.

SHD Watch red

  • They are aware of that

Negotiators Dilemma UI not working properly

  • They have been trying to reproduce this issue but have come up short
  • So if this issue happens to you, send the information and the account details to the devs, so that this can be reproduced.

Introduced in Season 1, Global Events have been re-worked in Season 3!

Global Events Changes

After reviewing the Global Events as a whole, we decided that the Global Events introduced in Season 1 did not provide the power boost to agents that we desire. As such, the following global events have been re-worked to provide a significant boost to player power.

  • Guardians – The buff provided from killing a Guardian angel now grants the ability to penetrate guardian protection. In addition, the buff renews its duration with each kill, permitting agents to chain kills throughout an entire fireteam without necessarily defeating all guardians first. Additionally, defeating all guardians in a fireteam now prevents the surviving members from regaining protection for an amount of time based on their veterancy. (Standard enemies will not be able to receive protection for a long time, named enemies can regain protection quite quickly.) Finally, melee attacks against protected enemies will briefly rob those enemies of their protection.


  • Polarity Switch – The shock for shooting opposite-polarity enemies has been removed. Values for the strength of the stacking buff have been updated to provide a significant power boost to agents.


  • Reanimated – The green cloud produced by killing enemies with a headshot no longer harms agents. This cloud now heals agents and provides a significant boost to their firepower while standing within it. The green cloud continues to significantly harm enemies.

Lastly, the devs confirmed that Title Update 11.1 is being worked on and more details regarding this will be shared at a later date. We’ll have more news to share next week when the next State of the Game drops.

Source: Reddit