The Division 2 Season 4 Global Event, Next-Gen Improvements & Codename Nightmare Update Revealed

The Division 2 Season 4 Global Event

It’s a rather busy week for The Division 2 fans in this week’s State of the Game! Ubisoft Masssive talked about The Division 2 Season 4 global event, next-gen improvements, an update on Codename Nightmare and more!

The Division 2 Global Event: Golden Bullet

  • This will be the first Global Event of the Season


  • One member of a hostile fireteam will get (approx. every 10s) an Icon over its head that is charging up.
  • Once it is fully charged that NPC has the so-called “golden bullet” that will deal a ton of damage.
  • So once that NPC has that golden bullet it should not hit you, because it will be brutal.
  • If you can kill the NPC with the golden bullet (loading or fully charged), that buff is transferred to you and you get the golden bullet buff for 3-5 Seconds.
    • Instant reload
    • Damage buff
    • Rate of fire increase
    • When you kill an NPC during that time, the buff is refreshed.

Update on Codename: Nightmare (TU12.1)

At the end of the trailer during the Ubisoft Forward September virtual conference, they mentioned a limited special event titled “Codename: Nightmare,” a unique gameplay experience that would take place at a repurposed Kenly College.

Due to unforeseen circumstances in what has been a challenging year, they have since changed the event to focus on apparel only, allowing you to collect the most exciting outfits yet, trophies and skins via a unique apparel event.

This event – which will be unlike any other apparel event they’ve had – will come in the second half of Season 4.

To clarify Codename: Nightmare originally had a new and special gameplay experience with a repurposed Kenly College – but the new gameplay experience will not be happening. It will just be a special Apparel Event with more rewards.

TU12.1 will be released on February 2nd.

Next Gen Consoles improvement

In addition, coming with TU12.1, they are happy to confirm that next-gen consoles (Series S, Series X & PS5) will experience improved frame rates (4k 60FPS) for The Division 2.

This is not an optimization pass, it just allows the next-gen consoles to run the game on 4k 60FPS.

Don’t forget, we’ll be getting Title Update 12 next week, which will feature former agent Faye Lau as the prime target! Read up on TU12 and what’s in store, right here.

Source: Reddit

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