The Division 2 Servers Down for Maintenance This June 8 for Title Update 18 Roll Out (Update 4)

The Division 2 Servers Down

Ubisoft has taken The Division 2 servers down this June 8 and not only is it for your routine maintenance, but it’s also to roll out Title Update 18 or a.k.a. Year 5 Season 1: Broken Wings!

The Division 2 Servers Down Maintenance Schedule for June 8:

Update 4: Good news! Ubisoft says servers should be online later today

Update 3: Bad news, as Ubisoft has announced that while progress has been made, work will resume tomorrow, and there is no ETA for when it will be fixed.

We’ll update the article as more news develops.

Update 2: Ubisoft has announced that maintenance has been extended for another six hours!

Update: Ubisoft has announced that maintenance will be extended up to 14:30 UTC/10:30 am ET/7:30 a, PT/10:30 pm HKT.

Maintenance Start: June 8 at 9:30 AM CEST, 3:30 AM EDT, 12:30 AM PDT.

Convert to your timezone here

Duration: 3 hours

Once the patch is live, we’ll let our readers know. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s incoming after maintenance is over:

  • Revamped Manhunt
  • Descent Game Mode
  • New Gear, Weapons, Talents
  • New Exotic Weapon
  • New Exotic Gear
  • Balancing Gear Changes
  • Quality of Life Improvements
  • New Apparel Event
  • New Season Pass

If you want to know what’s in it, go check it out here. If there are any changes to the maintenance schedule, we’ll be sure to update the article.

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3 months ago

Cmoooon!!! 😭

3 months ago

Bummer. Was looking forward to getting a few hours in before work 😩 oh well, tomorrow it is then!

Questionably faithful player
Questionably faithful player
3 months ago

What I fail to understand is how they can continue to fuck up these rollouts. You’d think that they’d learn from previous ones, but nope. Maybe try a soft roll out on a separate server prior to release to work out the bugs prior to actual release. I mean isn’t that what they’re supposed to accomplish during the BETAs?? Par for the course UBISUCKS

Redeyed jedi
Redeyed jedi
3 months ago

Slower than Molasses on a cold winter day. But I enjoy the game. I hope it comes online soon.

3 months ago

Honestly, we probably only have ourselves to blame. They know that they can drop the ball this badly, and it won’t affect how many people keep playing. Its like an abusive drunk who knows their partner will keep taking them back no matter how many times they hurt them. What makes it worse is other game companies know it, too.

Hell, every corporation knows it. I’ve got footage from a few months back of an Amazon driver literally chucking my fancy new thumb-print deadbolt (my wife grew up dirt poor, so our house is like inspector gadget’s vacation ville) up onto my porch a foot from the steps. And guess what? There isn’t even a way to report shit like that on thier website. They could literally care less.

The only way this will ever stop is if we all stop playing.

Last edited 3 months ago by RedxCamel

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