The Division 2 Title Update 9 Release Date and Patch Preview Revealed

the division 2 title update 9 release date

In the latest The Division 2 State of the Game livestream, Ubisoft Massive revealed that The Divsion 2 Title Update 9 release date is set for April 21, which is next week. While the full notes won’t be with us until April 20, the studio did let on a few key changes included in it. In the meantime, for people over 18, new-casinos are listing casinos not on gamstop including reviews.

The Division 2 Title Update 9 release date and patch preview:

Release Date: April 21, 2020

Client Patch

  • This will be a client patch, that needs to be downloaded once it is ready on Tuesday.
  • A client patch is needed because there are changes to exotics and also Skill descriptions and that can only be changed with a client patch.

Change Overview

  • Balance pass on exotics (examples in the Patch Notes Preview) plus some more changes on top of that.
  • Angel of Mercy contaminated area is fixed.
  • Nemesis does not trigger Focused Talent is fixed
  • Focused Talent is triggered when using Crusader Shield is fixed (it should not) you can also zoom in now.
  • PS4 Thieves’ Den Trophy is also fixed with TU9. After the update, when you just enter the Dark Zone, you will unlock the Achievement.
  • Aces & Eights Gear Set Talent Poker Face is fixed.
  • Booster Hive Description will be correct – it increases Weapon Damage and Handling
  • Some changes to best-in-slot items and underperforming Talents will also be buffed.

Also mentioned in the devstream is how Exotic items should not be the best thing out, and it’s supposed to offer a different playstyle. In Title Update 9, Ubisot Massive plans to change how Exotics drop with the minimum roll of each ontent Tier.

Here’s an explanation of how rolls with and how Exotic items should be based depending on rolls:

The loot system is implemented in a way that there are tiers of content based on difficulty. “Normal” is Tier 1 and “Legendary” is Tier 5. The rolls of the dropped items scale in relation to the content Tier. So basically the Tiers define what the minimum rolls are and the distribution between the minimum roll and the max roll.

Exotics are implemented in the same way. If you play normal, an Exotic can roll very well, but it can also roll very badly because normal has a low minimum roll.

But since Exotics are very rare and they are also excluded from recalibration there is currently nothing you can do to them if you get a bad roll. That is why the Exotic Reconfiguration will be added to the game with TU9.

There’s an Exotic item reconfiguration planned for TU9. Here’s a quick FAQ of sorts via The Division 2 community:

Exotic Reconfiguration

The Exotic Item Reconfiguration is a repurposing of the Exotic Crafting functionality.

=> Image

When you open the Crafting Bench, you see all the Exotic Blueprints that you have, that you used before to upgrade your Exotics.

The Blueprints that you have will be automatically converted into Reconfiguration Blueprints and the ones that you don’t have can be bought from the Vendor when you already have the Exotic. The new Warlords Exotics will of course also get their Blueprints.

How does it work

=> before

=> after

The basic idea is, that you have the ability to reroll the entire Exotic and assigning rolls that are appropriate to the level you are turning it into (level 40 for example). They also guarantee that it will also have pretty high minimum rolls.

So it will still be a range of rolls but it will be at the upper end. But there is of course also the risk, that if you already have a very good roll, that the rolls will be lower after the Reconfiguration.

Basically, if you are not happy with the drop you got, you can reroll the Exotic Item and hopefully have a better version after the process.


=> Image

As shown on the right, you need crafting resources, Exotic Components that you get from deconstructing Exotics and also the Exotic Item itself.

They also adjusted how much exotic components that you get when you deconstruct one so that you can reconfigure another one.

You can do it with level 30 and level 40 Exotics

When you reconfigure a level 30 Exotic it will become a level 40 Exotic with new rolls and when you do it with a level 40 Exotic, it will just get new rolls.

Reconfigure multiple Times

You can Reconfigure an Exotic as many times as you want, there are no restrictions.

Works with Exotics Gear Items and Exotics Weapons

The Reconfiguration works with all Exotic items, also the crafted ones.

Old Values have no impact

If you have a god-rolled level 30 Exotic, it does not have an impact on what rolls it will get at level 40. You basically get a new item.

That is also the same when you have a max-rolled stat on an Exotic, it is not guaranteed, that this specific stat will also be maxed out after the Reconfiguration.

Pre-Order Exotics are excluded

The Exotics like the Lullaby are excluded from that system because they need an existing Exotic as a baseline to be crafted. You will also be able to get a level 40 Lullaby now

Same as always, once the patch notes are out, and once the actual patch is live, MP1st will be sure to let you know ASAP.

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