The Division 2 TU10 Focus Detailed by Devs, Entering PTS Tomorrow

The Division 2 Update 1.47

Agents looking for the next big patch for The Division 2, Ubisoft Massive has talked about The Division 2 TU10 (Title Update 10) in the latest State of the Game devstream. While no patch notes are available yet, the studio did talk about the direction they’re going in.

The Division 2 TU10 focus:

General TU10 Focus

Title Update 8 and Warlords of New York established a completely new endgame, new gear, new progression, and Title Update 10 basically continues that path.

Since Warlords of New York was released, they got a lot of feedback – what worked, what was fun, what was not, and that lead to TU9 and TU9.1, where they tried to address these issues.

Title Update 10 has the same goal, but in comparison, it is a larger pass which is basically focused on two main things:

  • Quality and Bug fixes to address as many issues as they can.
  • Balancing and bring back the generosity and fun in the game. (Player Power / Rewards)

These two topics basically impact everything: Balancing, gear, weapons, gear sets, rewards, difficulty, and changes to address the main pain points in PVP. So it is a general “fun” pass for everything in the game with the goal is to bring all the changes from Warlords of New York together in an experience that they intended from the get-go.

Also to be clear, “making it fun” does not equal “making it easy”. It is not their intention to make everything easier and remove the difficulty. They are pretty happy with the fact that there is difficulty in the game but they want to remove the aspects that are frustrating and feel unfair.

Other Changes

The Detailed Patch Notes for the PTS will be posted in the forums. (probably Friday)

  • Weapons, weapon damage, and weapon handling got a general balancing pass
  • General increase of player power (all Assault Rifles and SMGs got a buff for example)
  • There were some nerfs to outliers but the idea was to bring all the weapons up a bit.
  • That also applies to Gear Sets to make the mechanics more powerful.
  • M1A will get a slight nerf but the rest have also been brought up.
  • Exotics will also be reworked to be more desirable


  • Legendary difficulty will be more rewarding. In the first PTS phase, this will include an increased chance of loot drops from Veterans and Elites.
  • General loot rolls will be looked at for all difficulties.
  • With TU10 Control Points will have just one loot crate (big box). That box gives more loot and it also scales with difficulty.
  • The mission crates are still being worked on (PTS Phase 2)
  • Changes to PVP weapon damage and time to kill (longer time to kill)


  • Big vendor pass:
    • No more purple items after you hit level 40.
    • Higher item power
    • Named Items will be sold from all vendors (Named items are more expensive)
    • Dark Zone Vendors also have Named items and also DZ Exclusive Named items
  • Projects
    • SHD Requisition Projects are available on level 40 and they are now weekly projects (Exotic Cache Reward)
    • There is also a weekly Project to complete a Legendary Mission and that also rewards an Exotic Cache. (you need to complete a Legendary mission first, after that, it becomes available)
  • Field Proficiency Caches will be awarded again after a level-up once you have completed the season.


  • Crafting is also being looked at to have better min / max rolls but that is for PTS Phase 2.
    • It should be more generous but it should not negate all the other content.

Additionally, those on PC, The Division 2 TU10 is entering the PTS (Private Test Server) starting tomorrow!


  • The PTS will be on Uplay, and every player who owns The Division 2 on PC can join the test.
  • Pre-load is available starting May 21 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM CEST
  • PTS begins May 22 at 5:00 AM PT / 8:00 AM ET / 2:00 PM CEST

The devs bring back the PTS process because they believe in the process and they also know that they have not done PTS rounds for the latest updates. They want to ensure that additional testing goes into the update, ensuring it will be a great experience for players. The devs also want to involve players more in the development phase by encouraging them to provide feedback and bug reports before the update goes live.

The team counts on players to provide feedback and bug reports during the PTS in order to make the update the best it can be.

Once we know more details regarding The Division 2 TU10 such as its release date/window, official notes, we’ll let our readers know.

Source: Reddit

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