The Division 2 TU12 Balancing Discussed, No New PvP Content in TU12

The Division 2 TU12 balancing

In this week’s The Division 2 State of the Game devstream, Ubisoft Massive talks about the Title Update 12 (TU12) PTS (Public Test Server) phase 1, and are already looking ahead to phase 2. The studio discusses The Division 2 TU12 balancing changes for some weapons, and changes coming to the Optimization Station.

The Division 2 TU12 Balancing & Optimization Station Changes:

Optimization Station

Cost too high / Resource Confusion

  • There was feedback that the cost to optimize the gear is too high
  • But they also noticed that there was confusion about how to obtain the Optimization Resources
  • The confusion was also based on the fact that the UI did not list all the sources or some sources were simply not present on the PTS.


These are all the sources where you get Optimization Resources:

  • You can get the Optimization Resources from the listed primary sources:
    • Assault Rifle Alloys (and others)
      • deconstructing gear and weapons
    • Field Recon Data
      • Control Points in the LZ, Landmarks in the DZ, and the higher floors of The Summit
    • True Sons Tactical Assessment (and other faction materials)
      • defeating bosses of the various factions
    • SHD Calibration
      • completing Daily and Weekly projects (PvE and PvP). Weekly Projects will give substantially more materials than Daily Projects)
  • Summit Caches from completing Summit Challenges
    • always contain a small number of SHD Calibration and Field Recon Data.
  • Optimization Caches from Season Event and Rewards Track rewards
    • always contain a moderate amount of SHD Calibration and Field Research Data.
  • All Materials may be crafted from blueprints found in certain projects as well as high-threat control points.

No Changes to the Costs

  • They believe that the current optimization costs with all these various sources are in a good place.
  • They will continue to monitor the situation
  • So check out Phase 2 of the PTS and see how things are with this information in mind.
  • Season Rewards will still be inactive on PTS Phase 2.
  • Blueprints to craft the Optimization Resources will be available from the vendors on PTS Phase 2.

Balancing Changes


  • In phase 1 the magazine size was increased to 40.
  • With Phase 2 you can delay the decay of the stacks by doing headshots and basically maintain the 10 Stack damage buff.
  • This does not work with the Focus Talent.

PDR & Test Subject & Capacitor

  • The base weapon damage could not keep up with similar weapons
  • That is why it was increased to keep up with the other weapons with similar stats


  • Damage buff from the PDR also applies here
  • Magazine size has been increased (11 more bullets)
  • The Crit Hit damage is still around, it was moved to the muzzle
  • Stacks are now capped at 40, but you get 1.5% Skill damage per stack (max 60% Skill Damage Buff)
  • You now get 7.5% (from 5%) Weapon Damage buff from the Skill Tiers.



Talents PVP:

  • The weapon is popular, but on legendary it trivialized encounters with the Rogue Agents.
  • But to still keep it a fun to use weapon, they kept the stats but the duration of the Status Effects is based on the percentage of pellets that hit the target.
  • So to get the full debuff, you have to hit with all 8 pellets.
  • In PVP the number of hits that you need to apply the status effects was increased by 1. This should make applying bleed a bit more difficult. Otherwise, it works the same as PVE in terms of pellets hit.

Other Changes / Fixes

Loadout Increase



With TU12 the inventory will be increased to 150 and you will also have 16 Loadout slots for gear and apparel.

Achilles Pulse

There was an issue, that the Achilles Pulse cooldown did not properly scale with mods. That was fixed.

Shrapnel Trap

The explosive damage will be adjusted in PVP to get it more in line with the other explosive skills. (lower damage)

Empress International Named Items

With PTS Phase 2 the Empress International Named items have the correct Utility Core Attributes.

Summit Challenges

Were adjusted so that they have a faster completion time.

There will be more changes for phase 2 and for launch.

No PVP Content

  • TU12 focuses on quality of life features that the community brought up.
  • PVP has balancing changes but there will be no new PVP content with TU12.

Playerss can expect TU12 to be released in early December (or at least it’s planned to be released at that time frame by devs).

Source: Reddit

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