The Division 2 Title Update 12 New Weapons & Gear Revealed

The Division 2 Update 1.46

Following last week’s The Division 2 Title Update 12 overview, Ubisoft has now given agents a look at The Division 2 Title Update 12 new weapons and gear from this week’s State of the Game devstream!

Check out the new upcoming Exotics, new items an more!

The Division 2 Title Update 12 New Weapons & Gear:


  • The new equipment that is added with TU12 revolves around skill builds and how they work in the game.
  • Since Skill users have low health and weapon damage, they mostly rely on Turrets or Seeker Mines to do the damage for them.
  • The goal was to enable skill users to join the fight because when you use your weapon on the enemy it also buffs your skills and Skill Tiers can also buff the weapons in some cases.


Exotic – Capacitor Assault – Rifle

  • The talent is basically a skill-based version of the Striker Gear Set
  • Every time you shoot an enemy it adds 1% of Skill Damage
  • After a delay of 5 seconds, the stacks start to decay 1 stack per 1 second.
  • Skill Tiers will add additional weapon damage to this AR

You can get this Exotic as a guaranteed reward the first time you complete 5 Challenges in a Summit run.

Once you have acquired the Capacitor it joins the general AR loot pool.

Exotic – Scorpio – Shotgun

  • Fast firing shotgun
  • Shooting a target applies debuffs to targets:
    • 1 – Poison
    • 3 – Disorient
    • 6 – Shock
    • 7 – Target takes additional 20% damage (from all sources) max stack
  • Multiple players can combine the Scorpio Stacks
  • The stacks count per shot and not per pellet.
  • In PVP the debuffs are different:
    • 1 – Bleed
    • 3 – Disrupt
    • 6 – Ensnare

This is a Season 4 Reward

Exotic – Waveform – Holster

  • Generates a stack of 3% skill damage on one of your skills every second.
  • After 10 seconds it has the max stack of 10 and the buff transfers to your other skill.
  • After further 10 seconds the buff switches back to the first one – and so on.

This is a Season 4 Reward

Named Items

Scalpel – Marksman Rifle

Test Subject – Assault Rifle

Battery Pack – Backpack

Caesar’s Guard – Chest


Empress International

Gear Set


  • Every time you interact with your skill you get 25% Skill damage for 10 seconds
  • Interacting is:
    • Using / Deploying the Skill
    • Changing the Skills target
    • Healing the Skill (you can heal your deployed skills)
    • Firing Turrets counts as an interaction

Vanity Set

This set will be available on the Season 4 Reward Track:

Skill Variant

Achilles Pulse

  • It is a single target pulse
  • Highlights weakpoints on a target (amount is based on Skill Tiers 1 => 1 / 6 => 3)
  • Shooting marked weakpoints, will apply headshot damage as bonus damage
  • This applies to all players.
  • The highlighting is based on a damage threshold, once that is reached, the highlighting will fade away.

Title Update 12 is hitting the PTS, so agents shouldn’t have to wait too long to get their hands on the new patch and items.

Source: Reddit

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George Moraitis
George Moraitis
2 years ago

How about if you give us a survival mode game just like division 1. A lot of people now days going back Just to play in the survival.

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