The Division 2 Upcoming Fixes and Changes Outlined Post Warlords of New York

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Ubisoft Massive initiated another State of the Game for The Division 2 today, and if you weren’t around to catch the show, the studio outlined some of The Division 2 upcoming fixes and changes planned for the looter shooter, and yes, this includes a balance pass as well.

Planned Fixes:

The following fixes are planned for the update but keep in mind that they still need to test these before they can be put live.


  • Fixing an issue causing Target Intel to be stuck in the mailbox.
    • As the Target Intel system has been removed we are now also removing the unneeded Intel from mailboxes that are spamming some players.
  • Fixing an issue that causes the Sticky Bomb to not do damage under certain circumstances.
  • Fixing an issue with the Apparel Event schedule not correctly displaying.
  • Fixing missing audio dialogues for the Brazilian Portuguese language pack on Stadia.
  • Fixing an issue causing developer UI elements to show in the Language and Settings UI.
  • Fixing an issue causing players to lose Season Manhunt progress under certain circumstances.
  • Fixing an issue causing the Shock Trap to deploy the small devices very close together.
  • Fixing an issue causing the Hard-Wired Gear Set bonuses and talents not working properly.

Gameplay changes:

  • Seasonal Manhunt will be changed to allow progress at Normal difficulty and above. This will make playing together easier as all players will gain progress no matter what difficulty was set by the group leader.
  • Seasonal Manhunt will receive a button in the Manhunt UI that will allow players to reset the Manhunt to replay it. This will allow players to reset this progress specifically and without changing the Global Difficulty.
    • This also means changing the Global Difficulty will not reset the Seasonal Manhunt and players are required to reset it via the Seasonal Manhunt UI.
  • Coyote’s Mask will drop from Coyote with an increased drop chance on higher difficulties.
    • We are also looking into providing the Mask for players that have not received them even though they reached Season Rank 35.

Planned changes:

They are currently working on a balance pass that they can hopefully deploy as soon as possible.

Balancing changes:

Developer Note:

The game was tuned in a way that playing the exact same enemy composition at higher difficulties and higher player counts would match to the expected gear of that difficulty and extra players added. However, since the game also adds more Elites and Veterans to accommodate higher difficulty and player counts, this caused tuning to overcompensate health and damage higher than intended. We are thus lowering many of these values._

As we mentioned on State of the Game, there are several ways for us to balance difficulty. For the next update we will:

  • Reduce NPC Damage output for all difficulties.
    • This applies to all NPCs and activities and enemies will do less damage to players compared to their current damage output.
  • Reduce NPC Health and Amor for group scaling.
    • Enemy Health and Armor scaling for 2-, 3- and 4-player groups based on Veterancy.
      • This means Red, Veteran, Elite and Named enemies will have their Health and Armor reduced compared to their current values.
    • This applies to Hard and Challenging difficulties where enemies will have lower Health and Armor compared to their current values.
    • An exception are Heroic and Legendary difficulty enemies which will have their Health and Armor increased to compensate for the group scaling reductions to their values.Additionally, we are adjusting Health and Armor based on activity difficulty.

Developer Note: We still intend Heroic and Legendary to be very challenging. Therefore, we are increasing the base difficulty to account for the health reductions for co-op scaling. Compared to now this means Heroic and Legendary will be a bit harder for solo players and 2-player groups, 3-player difficulty will stay roughly the same, and 4-player difficulty will be easier.

Lvl 30 WT1-WT5 Content

  • NPC Damage, Health and Armor will receive additional reductions.

Developer Note: Pre-Warlords of New York content has lower maximum values to weapon damage, skill damage, and armor (etc.) than level 31+ content so difficulty is now tuned separately for pre-expansion world tier content.

PvP Balance Changes:

  • All PvP weapon damage: – 20%
  • PvP Rifles: an additional -10%
  • PvP MMRs: an additional -10%

This should also help with the extremely fast time to kill in PVP at the moment.

There’s no timetable for the changes and fixes listed above, nor if they will be included in one update. Ubisoft did say that they are working with several issues at the same time with different teams, and that these changes and fixes require time to set up, test and patch.

Speaking of changes, check out the server-side changes made on March 17 right here.

Source: Reddit