Report: Microsoft Made a Deal With Ubisoft to Ensure The Division Didn’t Look Better on PS4

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Got your morning sip of coffee yet? If not, this latest bit of rumor might wake you up. We’ve all heard of game trailers looking way better than the actual games. When this happens, gamers are quick to cry “downgrade,” and most of the time, it’s warranted.

In a feature by VG247 about downgrades, one big nugget of info that’s discussed is how “one source familiar with development on triple-A Ubisoft games” claims Microsoft made a deal with Ubisoft to make sure that The Division didn’t look better on Sony’s PlayStation 4!

“On The Division, Xbox had a deal with Ubisoft, and part of that deal was to ensure that the PS4 version did not look better than it. The resolution, frame rates, and density of assets could have been higher on PS4, but this was vetoed to prevent issues with Microsoft.”

We’ve all heard of exclusive marketing deals happening all the time with hardware makers and publishers (ie: Sony and Activision with Call of Duty), but this might be the first time we’ll hear of someone outright claiming that one version of a AAA game was held back in some form or another via some sort of deal.

Of course, given this is all anonymous sources and whatnot, take it with a grain of salt. We’ve contacted Ubisoft and will update the story if and when we get a response.

Do you believe that something like this happened with The Division? Do you think it’s still happening now with third-party games available for both the PS4 and Xbox One?