The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.12 December 9 Released (Update)

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Bethesda has today released The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.12 December 9 patch for fixes. While there shouldn’t be any big content drop given we’re at the end of the year, players can expect gameplay-related fixes and tweaks to be rolled out.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.12 December 9 Patch Notes:

Update: We’ve updated the post with the official PS4 patch notes, and as one might expect, it’s similar to the Xbox One patch notes released from over the weekend.

Note: The PS4 patch notes haven’t been released just yet, but we do have the Xbox One patch notes for update which was released earlier this week. Chances are, this update is the same, though having said that, we’ll update the post with the official PS4 patch notes once it’s available.

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    • Fixed an issue where Vvardenfell delve dailies weren’t rewarding their reward boxes.


    Buffs and Debuffs

    • Minor Slayer and Aegis: Fixed an issue where these buffs would clear after dying when wearing an item set that granted their effects.
    • Slayer and Aegis: Fixed an issue where the Major and Minor versions of these buffs did not work in Vateshran Hollows.

    Trial Sets

    • Lunar Bastion: Fixed an issue where this set did not follow its stated tooltip in some cases.



    • Fixed issue where group members’ Ready Checks could be declined if their group leader entered a Battleground first while in a different zone from the rest of the group.


    • Fixed an issue where Indriks around the paddocks had gone MIA.

    New Life Festival

    • Fixed an issue where you could not see the interactable objects for the Old Life Remembrance quest if you completed The General’s Demise in Stonefalls.


    • Fixed an issue where Storage chests could appear to be missing some of the items stored in them.


    • Fixed an issue where some homes would ignore the access permissions set by their owner.
    • Fixed a crash associated with linking a large number of furnishings in certain particularly complex arrangements.


    • Fixed a game client freeze that could occur when fighting Caluurion, Garron the Returned, or Nerien’eth and casting Necrotic Barrage or Blood Lust abilities.
    • Fixed a crash caused by certain characters in chat and Guild MOTDs.
    • Fixed a rare crash related to animations.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when a character had many spell effects active.
    • Fixed a game crash that was related to lighting commonly found in dungeons.


    • Fixed an issue where sorting items in the bank by category in descending order did not function properly.

Once we know more regarding this patch, we’ll let our readers know.

Update: Post updated with PS4 patch notes (which was the same as the Xbox One notes we posted earlier).

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