The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.46 for July 12 Rolled Out for 1.28 Patch

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.46

Bethesda has released The Elder Scrolls Online update 2.46 (PS5 version 1.008.001) and this includes combat and gameplay adjustments, fixes for the base game and DLCs and more. Read on for the full ESO July 12 patch notes.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 2.46 Patch Notes | ESO Update 1.008.001 Patch Notes | ESO July 12 Patch Notes:



  • Fixed an issue that could cause your character to become unable to perform certain actions, such as looting, after killing a target.


  • Curative Runeforms
    • Apocryphal Gate:
      • Fixed an issue with this ability and its morphs where it would only place one portal.
      • Fixed an issue that could some clients to become unresponsive when casting Apocryphal Gate.
        • Fleet-Footed Gate (morph): Fixed an issue where this ability was not benefiting from its rank progression.
    • Chakram Shields: Fixed an issue where some of the visuals from this ability and its morphs could get stuck floating in midair.
    • Runemend: Fixed an issue where some of the visuals from this ability and its morphs could get stuck floating in midair.
  • Herald of the Tome
    • Abyssal Impact: Fixed an issue where your game could crash if too many people used this ability simultaneously.


  • Azandar al-Cybiades
    • Adversarial Adventures: Fixed an issue where the quest would not behave properly if you repeatedly dismissed and summoned Azandar in the Nchuleftingth sequence.
    • Paths Unwalked:
      • Updated the quest sequence outside Kozanset to properly reset if you run away in the middle of it.
      • Fixed multiple issues where unsummoning Azandar during the quest would either block the quest or otherwise not prompt you to resummon Azandar.
      • Fixed an issue where you could lose the ability to open Azandar’s rummage bin.
    • Tempting Fates: Fixed an issue where relogging during the start of the Quires Wind sequence would lead to strange behavior with Azandar’s searchlight.
    • The Fateweaver Key: Fixed an issue if you exited Ciphers Midden on the beginning of this quest, you could become blocked from progressing the quest.
  • Sharp-as-Night
    • Between a Rock and a Whetstone:
      • Fixed an issue where you were incorrectly led to Malabal Tor for part of the quest.
      • Federo will now properly direct you to Windhelm instead of Whiterun when speaking to him in Eastmarch.


  • Fixed an issue where Sharp wouldn’t gain rapport when visiting the Hist Trees in Dead-Water and Root-Whisper villages.


  • Fixed an issue where attuning to a Blacksmithing or Woodworking station for the Legacy of Karth set would not work.


  • Fixed an issue where Solitude’s Outlaws Refuge did not have a default graveyard to resurrect at if your character somehow died in there.

Dreadsail Reef Trial

  • General
    • Completing this trial on Veteran or harder difficulty will now award gold jewelry rather than purple.


  • Fixed an issue where trying to check your mail forced you to concede a Tribute match without asking you to confirm.


  • Fixed an issue with Hermaeus Mora’s animations popping when exiting out of a conversation.

Sanity’s Edge Trial

  • General
    • The Wamasu’s Charge attack no longer deals damage twice in quick succession.
  • Exarchanic Yaseyla
    • Yaseyla’s Fire Bombs no longer remain active after her defeat.
    • If Wamasu are unable to charge correctly to a location, they will now cancel their charge.
  • Archwizard Twelvane and Chimera
    • Coruscating Orb no longer stops trying to reach a target that is standing on a crystal platform in the Wamasu constellation room.
    • Fixed an issue where dying and/or resurrecting could cause visual issues with weapon-sheathing.

World Bosses

  • Runemaster’s Acropolis
    • Runemaster Xiomara’s Watcher will now always focus on the target of The Unblinking Eye.


  • Updated the door to the Necrom Necropolis so it is now visible.
  • Updated several quest-specific books to be available after the quest to assist with Eidetic Memory.
  • Fixed an issue where a key quest asset in the Necrom Catacombs could be invisible.

Main Story

  • A Calamity of Fate: Updated various portions of the post-boss sequence to prevent your character from getting stuck using the portal or glyphic.
  • A Hidden Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where logging out in the middle of exploring the Infinite Panopticon would affect your quest progress.
    • Fixed an issue with some strange behavior when falling off certain platforms in the Infinite Panopticon.
    • Fixed an issue where you would need to wait for Leramil to walk a very long way before being able to talk to her in the Infinite Panopticon.
  • An Unhealthy Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where Azandar and Sharp would spoil parts of the main story if either were present during the end of the quest.
    • Updated Leramil and Gadayn to no longer be killable while in combat.
    • Revised the post-boss sequence in the Mythos to make it easier to use the Black Book and to progress the quest.
    • Leramil will now use the proper animations when repairing the bridge.
    • Fixed multiple issues where Vaermina’s dialogue would interrupt other lines of dialogue.
  • Conclave of Fate: Fixed an issue where talking to Gadayn in the Shrine would not advance the quest.
  • Dream of Apocrypha: Fixed an issue where you could accidentally trigger the boss sequence early and prevent him from turning hostile at the appropriate time, blocking your quest progress.
  • Keeper of Fate:
    • Polished the introduction sequence to make it easier to pick up this quest while playing through the quest Fate’s Proxy.
    • You will no longer get stuck when looting quest items from the Stormwing in a group.
  • Spirit of Fate:
    • Fixed an issue where your progress could become blocked if your character died on the quest step “Talk to Dusksaber Uleni”
    • You will no longer get stuck when looting the Tel Baro Insignia in a group.
    • The quest Fate’s Proxy will now properly advance when you complete this quest.
  • Truer Words: Fixed an issue that prevented you from talking to Hermaeus Mora if you left in the middle of the sequence where he appears.


  • An Ancient Omniscience: Updated the location of several Tomeshell Molts that were difficult or impossible to reach.
  • Chasing Shadows:
    • Bar’tolo the Blade will no longer grant a Deadlands achievement on death.
    • Fixed an issue where playing through the quest in a group could block your progress during the conversation with Naryu.
  • Forgotten Glories: Fixed an issue where Tyss could not be found after activating the Cenotaph wards.
  • Lost in Thought: Increased the interaction distance on the door to the Rectory Chorus.
  • Tracking Nightmares: Fixed an issue where several quest objects were buried in the terrain.

Delves & Public Dungeons

  • In a Troubled House (Gorne): Fixed an issue where you could get locked out of Dreynis’ study if you left the space too early.

World Events

  • Walls within Bastion Nymic will now stay down for all players in a group.
  • Updated the paths traveled by Herald’s Seekers near Ald Isra to avoid moving too close to Wayshrines.
  • Fixed an issue with the Irrefutable Herald so their exploding copies will no longer get stuck in place.
  • The Irrefutable Herald will no longer spam the Devour Brain ability after being interrupted.
  • Herald’s Seekers will no longer cast their tentacle ability at players not currently engaged in combat with them.
  • Fixed an issue where you could use the Arcanist’s Apocryphal Gate ability to travel through temporary barriers in Bastion Nymic.


  • Fixed an issue where the icons used in the achievement and Help menus for the Necrom section were not using the correct icon for the Chapter.


  • Dread Cellar
    • Fixed an issue where Lucilla Caprenia would not appear at the end of the Quaking Dread quest.


  • Fixed an issue where PvP leaderboards would periodically get stuck and not display accurately.
  • Fixed an issue where campaign scoring would incorrectly display as 0.


  • Fixed an issue where the Rimmen Fountain-Side Loungewear would unintentionally change the proportions of your character.


  • Fixed an issue where group mounts with passengers could stutter and appear jerky while moving.


  • Fixed an issue in which Dauntless Combatant and Unchained Aggressor set crafting stations were being attuned as each other.
  • Fixed an issue in which New Moon Acolyte and Daring Corsair set crafting stations were being attuned as each other.


  • Fixed an issue that was previously preventing the High Isle Collector’s Pack from being purchased when it was available in the Crown Store. This item will return to the Crown Store for purchase at a later date.
  • The description for the “Crown Crafting Motif: House Mornard” bundle now explains additional ways to acquire said Motif in-game.


  • Fixed an issue where a Psijic Portal and Antiquities Bonus Loot would occasionally award nothing.


  • Added a toggle between clear and opaque states for the “Crystalline Mind Barrier, Replica” achievement furnishing to bring it in line with the look of the barriers in the Sanity’s Edge trial.


  • Fixed an issue where traveling to the outside of Emissary’s Enclave via the Collections Menu would have you facing the door instead of the harbor.


  • Fixed an issue where performing a search in the Help menu would not check the entire description.

Gamepad Mode

  • Fixed an issue where exiting from various Chapter upgrade dialogs would hide the character select UI.

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