The Finals Destruction Showcase – Bringing Down the House Literally

The Finals Destruction Gameplay

In our The Finals beta hands-on impressions piece, we mentioned how Embark has not only implemented destruction elements in the game but managed to even crank it up a few notches compared to the Battlefield franchise (Embark is comprised of former DICE devs who worked on the military first-person shooter). If you’re curious about how The Finals destruction looks and plays out, we’re here to deliver just that!

Check out the snippets below where The Finals destruction mechanic is on full display. And for those wondering, nope, these are not scripted, as the footage consists of what we captured, as well as some B-roll from the playtest the devs provided. You can blow out floors, walls, and other structures to navigate the map, backstab an enemy, and more. 

This was just some of the craziness that happened during our playtest, and we cannot wait to see what happens once the community starts getting involved with it. Speaking of getting involved, The Finals Closed Beta officially begins tomorrow and will run for two weeks, ending on March 21. If you haven’t already registered, be sure to do so by visiting the official Steam page!

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