The Last of Us 2 Now Listed Under “Coming Soon” on PSN Alongside Other 2019 Titles

the last of us 2 2019

While Sony nor Naughty Dog has mentioned The Last of Us Part II release date yet, some people (including this guy) is expecting the game to be Sony’s big (and possibly last) holiday game of 2019.

Well, it seems we might be getting it this year, if the latest image from Sony’s PlayStation Store is anything to go by! Included under the “Coming Soon” section in the UK PSN Store alongside other 2019 releases is none other than The Last of Us 2!

Check out the image below (via Reddit):

the last of us 2 2019

Mind, there’s no guarantee that this image wasn’t put there in error or something, but the chances of that happening to Sony’s biggest game of this generation seems kind of slim. For now, treat this with a grain of salt, but don’t be surprised if we get another PlayStation State of Play and Sony announces The Last of Us 2 release date for 2019. Further adding fuel to the fire is this retailer listing The Last of Us 2 as a game scheduled to come out in October 2019.

Do you think The Last of Us 2 will be released this year or will Sony push it for an early 2020 release?

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