The Last of Us Clone “The Last Hope” Removed From Nintendo eShop After Sony Takes Down YouTube Trailers

the last hope

A knock-off of The Last of Us on the Nintendo eShop titled “The Last Hope” was making rounds across the internet earlier last month. Now, it seems like Nintendo has removed The Last Hope: Dead Zone from the Nintendo eShop, and players will no longer be able to purchase it.

The game has been criticized by various media outlets for being a low-quality clone of The Last of Us and having similar characters, posters, and storylines. Our writer criticized the game as well, saying:

It’s about as rough as you’d expect, with many drawing comparisons to mobile games due to the relatively poor graphics quality and bland UI among other things. Other than the name and post-apocalyptic setting, The Last Hope also shares similar character designs with The Last of Us, with the clone game’s “Eva” character heavily resembling Ellie from TLOU.

Sony was quick to take down the trailers and videos of the game on YouTube via copyright claims, but now it has been removed from the Nintendo eShop as well. It’s unclear if the removal of The Last Hope is also a result of a complaint from Sony, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it is.

Players who purchased The Last Hope: Dead Zone before it was removed, can still access and play the game, but newcomers have no way of checking out this low-quality knock-off. West Connection Limited, the publisher behind The Last Hope is known for publishing clones of popular games.

Hopefully, Nintendo is more careful in the future and avoids any cheap knock-offs to be listed on the eShop.

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