The Last of Us Officially Releases, Launch Patch 1.01 Available

The Last of Us is officially out and with that, Naughty Dog has finally opened up the multiplayer servers with a small launch patch.

The patch only weighs in at 46MB, and according to Naughty Dog, it’s only for some minor tweaking.

Though Sony has confirmed that all PlayStation titles won’t have online passes, the same doesn’t hold true for PlayStation 3 titles like The Last of Us, as it does ship with an online pass. Otherwise, after completing the patch and entering the pass code, you’ll be all set to enjoy this brutal, yet fun and adrenaline pumping multiplayer.

Be sure to check back here later or to visit our YouTube channel as we’ll be uploading some fresh multiplayer gameplay once we get our hands on it. We’ll also have a multiplayer review later, as that portion of the game just went live.

As a neat treat, you can also check out the first hour of the single player campaign via our friends over at GamersPrey:

[youtube id=”Dc3SJvSXxBA” width=”618″ height=”378″]

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