The Last of Us Part I Remake Footage and Screens Leak; Won’t Feature Dodge & Prone From TLOU2

The Last of Us Part I Update 1.002

While we’re more than a month away from The Last of Us Part I remake hitting store shelves, it seems details, screenshots and even footage have leaked online! Note that some of the stuff posted here might be spoiler-ish for those who haven’t played it yet, so proceed with caution.

Check out screenshots of The Last of Us Part I on PS5:

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There’s also a short gameplay clip available too:

For something more gameplay-related, we also see in-game screenshots of the settings menu where we see the Rendering Mode, Unlocked frame rate options. Here’s what players can spot in the settings menu that’s new for PS5.

Rendering ModesAdjust the resolution of the framerate.


  • Favor resolution over framerate (4K, 40Hz)
  • Target 40 fps


  • Balanced resolution and framerate (Dynamic 4K, 60Hz)
  • Target 60 fps

Unlocked Framerate

Maximizes framerate on supported televisions

Alongside the settings screenshots, in-game screenshots of the controller layout has made its way online too.

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Finally, there’s also footage of the game showcasing the facial animation and visual upgrades, though this is super spoiler-y for the game. So if you want to not spoil the story at all, don’t watch it (this is very early on in the game’s story and plot):

Now here’s the bad part: the controls screens confirm that dodge and prone mechanics in The Last of Us Part II won’t be available in TLOU Part I! Not only that, but the leaker also claims that there are no gameplay improvements outside of animation and audio.

Statements from the leaker:

  • Images/Footage Leaker claims there’s no gameplay improvements.
  • Leaker says most gameplay improvements are animations and audio.
  • Leaker says the game supports VRR, 4K40 FPS (Gameplay Mode) & 4K60Fps (Dynamic Mode).
  • Leaker says the game will feature an array of new accessibility options as seen in The Last of Us: Part II, additionally when Joel upgrades a weapon you’ll now see him add attachments.

Same as with any other leak, treat this one with a grain of salt, though with the amount of stuff leaked now, it’s hard to refute any of it. The Last of Us Part I has now entered gold status, so the September 2 release date should be locked in.

Source: ResetEra, Reddit

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