The Most Unusual Video Games Merchandise

Some video game publishers will do anything when it comes to advertisements and merchandising, and these few awful product merchandises are proof of that.

The surrounding video games culture has often led to strange connections, partnerships, and merchandise. Things for example Mountain Dew’s Gamer or Burger King’s series of Xbox 360 games make it transparent that brands aren’t scared to dangle for the barrier when it comes to marketing the video games.

This frame of mind has led to a remarkable amount of controversial merchandising choices. Sometimes trying too hard to adapt the games, and other times just losing the mark entirely, these few pieces of video game merchandise are the most Unusual Video Games Merchandise.

List of Most Unusual Video Games Merchandise

Since we already had a look at the mainstream of video game merchandise, here we have a list with a little information. 

  • Resident Evil Cologne

Capcom seems to pledge to use the famous zombie franchise Resident Evil to sell toilet things. Back when Resident Evil 4 was released, they sold shaving cream, then, this time around they are choosing cologne.

Named the T-virus, the same serum that commonly causes the horrible outbreaks in the game and movie series, this cologne was released with a spray-on deodorant designed to look like the first aid spray that players use to heal themselves in the games, which is just insignificant more acceptable.

  • Resident Evil 4’S Chainsaw Controller

Discussing  Resident Evil 4’s bad merchandise choices, there is this controller. Certainly, the cool-looking controller seems like the best special edition march ever… until you try to employ it.

The design makes it almost useless, with the functions being so off and placed so oddly that any speedy games are straight away out. It is the most unusual video game console.

  • Nintendo Cereal

Nintendo was so famous in the 80s and mid-90s that they could fundamentally market their characters into anything they want. There were some Saturday morning cartoons featuring Nintendo characters, so it made me feel like giving kids some cereal to go with. One can never get over with their Pokémon games and follow-ups but for some reason, they have also tried to get their own cereal.

Taking any part of a convertible class like video games and making any kind of snack from it always ends up looking goofy on reflection, and this cereal is no quirk. The reason behind its production is not known, but It surely made it to our list of most unusual video game merchandise. 

  • Call Of Duty Jeep Wrangler

As we know that this one is the big prize in a competition but it still shouldn’t exist. Sporting your madness of anything is a bold attempt, as you are probable to draw eyes, but this goes far away wearing your preferred Master Chief backpack.

Having Call of Duty front and center every time you leave your home to go college is getting old. Getting groceries, picking up your kids from anywhere, heading to a festival service—oh well, and better jump in the jeep.

  • Yoshi Bikini

This is a strong one to unpack. It is an intrinsic mistake to put a cute dinosaur from the Mario franchise onto a bikini is a horrific choice, then you have a fact that it has been done by two different outlets in two different patterns, for unknown reasons. 

The option is yours, picking between either a bikini where two small Yoshis look very complacent about being connected to you or the other one where Yoshi has been disfigured by being cracked between the two pieces. 

  • Mario Kicking Koopa Trophy

There are a lot of Mario trophy frames from the 90s portraying the character in a cool and chill instant from the games. This trophy nevertheless, raises a lot of questions. Does Mario knock out his enemies? Is he actually just using the distinctive physical battle to beat up the wildlife he fights in his game?

However, more than it, how much does Mario despise these guys? The general picture of Mario would direct you to believe he is a cute and fun-loving, kind man that is usually called to action, bringing fanciful with every jump. This trophy shows a very aggrieved man, taking his anger out on an exploit turtle that appears to be in far more pain than ever applied by the games.

  • Pac-Man Energy Drink

Gaming is fun and hard work. It’s sturdy to eat every pill on the stage while being chased by sinister ghosts without enlarging all your energy in the process. That’s where Pac-Man has you balanced.

This officially licensed energy drink features everyone’s favorite yellow-limbed ball creature right on its can. Can this energy drink be used to have the energy for other games like online slot games

No, sorry, you’ll need Mountain Dew and other energy drinks for that. But surely Pac-man makers thought it would be a good idea to get their own energy drink, which was not a huge hit as you might have already assumed. At the end of the day, the good it did was making it to this list.

Interestingly they might have just made liquor for casinos back in the day, which they did intend to do according to one interview, but that went off the charts as the audience was kids, and it might have affected their reputation in a bad way making something for the casinos. 

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

So, taking about most bizarre retro games that actually made it to store, we all know that we want to be Sonic The Hedgehog that submits he’s “gotta go fast”. This isn’t the way. The costume covers pretty much everything except the face.

The likeness of Sonic with a human face can never be rubbed out. Taking up essential space in your brain. It’s a dreadful funny attempt at the Sonic costume, and, while a latex mask.


So here was a list of the weirdest gaming merchandise ever you have seen in your life, I hope they were exciting and as weird as they can be. Stay tuned for more interesting information and blogs. 

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