The Quarry Update 1.05 Adds Harder QTEs and More This August 9

The Quarry Update 1.05

Supermassive Games has rolled out The Quarry update 1.05, and this adds harder, faster QTEs (Quick-Time Events) and more! Read on for what’s new in The Quarry August 9 patch notes.

The Quarry Update 1.05 Patch Notes | The Quarry August 9 Patch Notes:

Here’s what’s new according to 2K:

Attention Hacketteers! #TheQuarry has been updated:

🔠 Option for harder, faster QTEs. Don’t be afraid to fail, there’s a lot of story missed by playing it safe

🗯 You can select different language subtitles with the original English VO

Don’t forget to check the previous patch which wasn’t acknowledged by Supermassive. Thankfully, the community was there to help out in terms of what got changed.

If you haven’t played the game yet, go read our review where our own Sean Mesler states, “Generally these games have a ton of replay value given the various outcomes you can have but between the languid pacing and the frustrating lack option to skip dialogue or cutscenes it made the prospect of doing it all over one that I wasn’t interested in. There is a chapter select available once you’ve completed the game and a death rewind feature that allows you to basically use three lives per chapter to take back a death of a character which is cool, I guess.”

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