The Witcher 3 Easter Egg Only Surfaces After Waiting 7 Years In-Game Time

the witcher 3 easter egg

After seven long years, what could possible be the last The Witcher 3 Easter egg has finally been discovered, and it’s quite the clever reference indeed. Discovered by a YouTuber named xLetalis, the Easter egg involves a character named Vivienne, and you can check out their video for yourself.

Vivienne is a character in Skellige, and is the center of one of the game’s many interesting side stories. She was afflicted with a curse, and if you chose the path of Geralt stopping the curse at the cost of her shortened lifespan, you can ultimately get a secret Easter egg for what comes next in The Witcher 3.

Unfortunately, this actually involves, as Geralt mentioned, waiting seven whole years in-game. Seven years is the remaining lifespan Geralt gave Vivienne after he lifted the curse, and if you wait that long through passing the in-game time enough times you’ll see her in the Kael Trolde harbor, finally passed away. Check out screenshots of Vivienne below:

After seven years of waiting in-game:

The Witcher 3’s acting campaign director, Philipp Weber, officially recognized the secret via Twitter:

The Easter egg is a very clever use of the game’s mechanics, and one that’s certainly missable given the fact that there’s very few people who would actually want to wait in-game for that long. Coincidentally, it’s also been seven years since The Witcher 3 came out, which is a nice touch in the context of this secret.

In case you missed it, a new The Witcher title has just been announced and is currently in active development, and you can read all the details here.

Thanks, xLetalis!

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