Titanfall 1 & 2 Servers Being Attacked by Hackers

Just a few weeks ago, Titanfall 2 saw a resurgence that saw its multiplayer player count skyrocket. While that’s good news for the game, it seems other people are out to ruin everyone’s fun, as the Titanfall 2 (and Titanfall 1) servers are being attacked.

For now, it looks like Titanfall 1 on PC is still down, which has been an on-going issue acknowledged by Respawn before.

Here’s what the EA Help page shows for the Titanfall server status:

Titanfall 2’s servers are doing alright so far, though the Apex Legends news Twitter account mentioned how hackers are trying to bring it down too.

Over on Reddit, people have mentioned that the hacker is named “Tufi,” which was caught cheating in Apex Legends (another Respawn-developed game), and ran into legal issues with EA (publisher of the Titanfall games). You can read more about that here.

Hopefully, this all gets sorted out for the sake of the players, as there’s just nothing good that will come out of this.

Update: Respawn has acknowledged the attack

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Graeme Gunn
Graeme Gunn
2 years ago

Is there maybe something mentally wrong with people who do things like this? I wonder about that because they don’t “get” anything from this (anything material, anyway). I couldn’t imagine wasting even one day of my life sitting in my pajamas trying to hack a video game server. If these people have nothing better to do, they should be put in jail and rehabilitated, they should talk to professionals about why they want to do what they do. They’re worse than the most spoiled of children.

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