Titanfall Developer Live Stream Replay, Respawn Talks Xbox Exclusivity and No Pilot-Only Modes

Members of the Respawn Entertainment team recently got together to live stream some Titanfall on their Twitch TV page.

Throughout the stream, a number of questions were thrown at the developers including inquiries about the game’s exclusivity to Microsoft, pilot-only game modes, hardcore game modes, micro-transactions and much more.

With regards to Microsoft exclusivity, one member of the studio explained during the stream, “we picked one console platform so that we could potentially ship a game cause we’re a small team,” as much as they would love to share their game with all gamers.

When asked if the game would sport any Pilot-only game modes, members of the studio exclaimed, “nope,” and that “it’s called Titanfall”, presumably implying that the game was solely built around the concept of Titans and Pilots, not one or the other. They also added that there will be “no hardcore mode” in the game. It sounded like another studio member added, “yet,” but we’re not entirely clear on that one.

Once again, the studio confirmed that no micro-transactions will be a part of the game, “not even really small ones.”

Interestingly, it was noted that some AI grunts in Titanfall are named after developers, so be on the lookout for unique names while grunt hunting.

To catch more Q&A’s be sure to check out the full live steam replay below:

Watch live video from Respawn on TwitchTV

Titanfall launches March 11 on the Xbox One and PC, and March 25 on the Xbox 360.

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