Titanfall Leaked Multiplayer Campaign Details, Will Include “Some Surprises”

More leaked Titanfall details emerge, this time surrounding the game’s multiplayer campaign mode that Respawn Entertainment hopes will deliver impressive ‘character driven cinematic experiences.

According to the leaker, there are nine campaign matches that can be played from both sides; the IMC and Milition. Each campaign is allegedly made up of five Attrition games and four Hardpoint games, the equivalents of TDM and Domination, as they are known in most other shooters. Each faction will have their own pre-match briefings and unique chatter during battles with “some surprises” that the leaker says will “keep things different from the traditional multiplayer experience.”

If you missed it, check out the latest Titanfall details on the new game mode, “Pilot Hunter”, as well as brand new in-game screens of some of the game’s multiplayer maps right here.

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