Titanfall – Respawn is ‘Working On’ Unlocking FPS on PC

Respawn Entertainent CEO Vince Zampella says the studio is working on unlocking Titanfall‘s 60 FPS cap on the PC.

During the Titanfall beta on the PC, a number of gamers were upset with the fact that the game would run no faster than 60 frames per second, as it was strictly locked at that rate. Yesterday, Zampella answered one questioner on Twitter asking about the possibility of it being unlocked in a day one patch.

Though it won’t be the game’s first patch, it sounds like it eventually will make it in:

Users resorted to turning on V-sync to alter the frame rates during the beta, though it would cause noticeable input lag and screen tearing. Hopefully, PC gamers won’t have to wait too long for a fix.

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