Titanfall to Support 4K on PC and Incorporate Nvidia GameWorks Tech

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Respawn Entertainment’s recently launched shooter, Titanfall, is going to be getting a bit of a visual and technical boost on the PC with the help of Nvidia.

As explained in a recent Nvidia blog post by developer content and technology manager Ashu Rege, Titanfall will soon support 4K resolution along with multiple Nvidia graphics processing units (GPU).

“Respawn will also release updates to support high-definition 4K displays,” Rege wrote, “and our SLI multi-GPU technology, for a fantastic high-end PC experience.”

Nvidia’s GameWorks technologies will offer a number of benefits including PhysX for realistic clothing and destruction effects, VisualFX for proper hair, fire, and liquid simulation, Temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) to reduce screen tearing, and Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion+ (HBAO+) for “more lifelike shadows.”

According to Respawn, it’s likely that Titanfall’s Xbox One version will also see a performance boost in an upcoming patch.

Yesterday, it was reported that EA has already secured rights for Titanfall 2.

Thanks, Polygon.

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