Titanfall Weapon Stats Show You The Best Weapon to Kill a Titan

Ever wonder what the best weapon is to kill a Titan in Respawn Entertainment’s sci-fi shooter, Titanfall?

Denkirson forum user Dissentia has compiled a substantial amount of weapon data from the PC version of the game, including weapon damage levels, rate of fire, reload times, and time-to-kill against Titanfall’s three different Titan chassis; the Atlas, Ogre, and Strider.

The numbers were extracted directly from the game’s files, so they should be fairly accurate. Check out the details below.

Click on the chart below to enlarge.


On a strictly time-to-kill basis, it appears that the Spitfire LGM is the most effective weapon to use against a Titan with the Kraber-AP Sniper being the least. Of course, these numbers refer to the time it takes to kill a Titan by rodeoing it (climbing up top its back and shooting its weak spot).

Naturally, each weapon in Titanfall has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. What might be ineffective against a Titan is perhaps more deadly when facing other pilots. We’re pretty sure the Kraber-AP Sniper will rip most Pilots to shreds with one bullet, for example.

What’s your favorite weapon in Titanfall so far?

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