TMNT Shredder’s Revenge Day One Update 1.02 Fixes Listed (June 16)

Shredder's Revenge Day One Update 1.02
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In case you didn’t know, Dotemu and Tribute Games have released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge today, and it’s a proper throwback to Turtles in Time. If you’re curious whether there’s a patch available right away when you get it, the answer is yes! Check out the TMNT Shredder’s Revenge daye one update 1.02 list of fixes!

TMNT Shredder’s Revenge Day One Update 1.02 List of Fixes and Info:

Here are the known issues that will be fixed by the day one patch according to Tribute Games:

  • When respawning when near the screen’s borders, the player can get out-of-bounds
  • Custom controls aren’t saved when closing and reboot the application
  • The game will refuse to let a player create a lobby after being left running for a while
  • Low FPS in online games
  • If you disconnect the internet after being identified on epic, the game still behaves as if it were connected to the internet
  • On episode 4, one foot soldier isn’t hit by a animal herd and can reach the boss
  • Leatherhead remain stuck in falling animation in multiplayer
  • The application crashes at random with high probability of being server-side
  • Crash occurs when attempting to join a group from the map into a Boss fight

In addition to that, here are the known issues by the developers (per Steam):

  • During an online session, if one of the players is disconnected on the score screen and attempts to rejoin the game, players may experience a softlock on the world map.
    ⇒ Workaround: Restart the game.
  • When 5 players try to join an online lobby, one of them might not be able to jump in.
  • Level 5 – During an online game session, if the host gets disconnected during the Rat King’s wave attack, he/she may disappear from the screen after a while.
  • Level 1 – When joining an ongoing game, the light spots may fall again (even if they have already been triggered), and inflict damage on the players, although they are not visible to them. This issue may also cause screen flickering throughout the rest of the level.


  • In local multiplayer, if one player disconnects his or her controller, the other players may still be able to play (even if an error message occurs).
    ⇒ Workaround: This player must reconnect his/her controller
  • When playing online, if the host is disconnected during Super Shredder’s dash attack, Super Shredder can get stuck in a wall, causing a softlock.
  • Level 15 – Just before the first downward section, your character may go out of bounds when jumping to the bottom right corner.
  • Level 4 – If Dirtbag digs a hole while a character is charging an attack, the character’s HP can drop to zero.
  • If Leonardo uses his guillotine attack (double jump + attack) and lands in a hole, his HP can drop to zero (regardless of the HP he had before). When this bug occurs, a dialog text is displayed several times.
In case you haven’t checked the game out yet, you really, really ought to, as we gave it an impressive 9.5/10 score, and even an Editor’s Choice award in our review!
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