Tokyo Game Show 2020 Digital Event Set for September

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While the physical event was announced as cancelled this last May, organizers of the Tokyo Game Show 2020 (TGS) have announced that the annual event will still be happening this September, only in the digital format.

The official website states that TGS 2020 will still be happening between September 23 to the 27, and will offer the usual venues that we have seen in the past.  As of now, there are 200 companies planned for the event along with multiple online meetings, and even plans to host some tournaments. This news is also highlighted by the appearance of next-gen consoles.

The game industry of 2020 will be visited by new big waves such as the appearance of next-generation consoles.
Take the wave of innovation on your side and become a winner against the world!

TGS2020 ONLINE provides a place for everyone to experience the fun and potential of advanced technology through games. The world that spreads online is a world where people from all over the world connect with each other beyond space and time without time lag. Games can go beyond games and change the future of various fields.

We will be sure to cover the Tokyo Game Show 2020 online event when it begins this September. Expect to see a full line-up announcement as well as a detail schedule real soon.