Tom Clancy’s The Division Is An Always-Online Title

Despite not needing your friends to play Tom Clancy’s The Division, you’ll still be required to always be connected online at all times.

This is somewhat surprising in light of the recent news of the Xbox One getting rid of the function, and the fact that Ubisoft are working on multiple open-world titles that don’t require an internet connection at all times.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Alain Corre, Executive Director at Ubisoft Europe, confirmed that both the Division and The Crew will be always-online titles. He went on to explain that the reasoning for The Division is that the world is like a living place.

The Division will be always-online, because this is how the game is designed. It’s a world that’s always on and always living. The fact you’re always-online is a must. It’s the same for The Crew. You can join your friends or not, but something is happening in this world all the time.

When you have freedom in a world – that can also have seamless multiplayer – that brings something new to the gamer, rather than having a scripted story. Freedom brings something unique.
There have been open-worlds before, but I think the feeling you have when you play an open-world is second to none. And now we’re pushing all of our creators to go in that direction.

What do you guys think about The Division and The Crew being always online titles, given the fact that we have other titles like Watch_Dogs that don’t require a connection?

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