Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 Domain 9 Sector Out Tomorrow; Here’s What to Expect

Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0.

Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio have released some new details about the upcoming 3.0 expansion for Tower of Fantasy, including a new story trailer and a look at one of the new Simulacrum. Here’s everything we know about Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 Domain 9 Sector update.

Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 Domain 9 Sector Out is launching tomorrow, and while the team is still prepping to release the full changelog (which we’ll have up) they did provide us with some tidbits of information of what you can expect to see from this update.

Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 Domain 9 Sector New Content:

From the press release:

Located within the Aida Spacetime Singularity of the Vera Grand Sea, on the surface, Domain 9 may not seem very different from the outside world. Yet due to space-time barriers, Domain 9 has been isolated from the rest of Vera for more than 100 years, earning it the name of the ‘Forgotten Realm’. Inside, its people have discovered a special site known as the Black Jade Ruins, and through years of study, they have developed sophisticated technology based on Timestamps. This Timestamp technology has become an integral part of its people’s resistance against their biggest threat yet, Grayspace Entities known as Darkness.

Domain 9 has four major zones, each inspired by the design elements of the Four Symbols, the mythical creatures from an ancient culture. Within the new map, Wanderers will get a first hand look at the technological strength of Domain 9 and be the first to try their hand at many new in-game puzzles and challenges in the jam-packed 3.0 update. Wanderers will also be able to utilize brand new modes of exploration such as relic Speedwalkers for skywalking, as well as new cruisers. New gameplay features will be introduced such as the New Smart Servant System and New Mentorship System, aiding Wanderers during difficult combat and recruiting mentors and apprentices to the platform. Wanderers can also wage battle with a new boss, Zhuyan, who was accidentally awakened in the Black Jade Ruins.

Two new Simulacrums will be added to the 3.0 update along with the plethora of new content. The first, LiuHuo, is responsible for overseeing the captured Darkness. Her fierce and passionate martial nature makes her the perfect girl for the job. With her Calligraphy Brush in tow, she is able to use its ink to defend against enemies.

The second new simulacrum, Yulan, is one of Domain 9’s most successful fighters. She is admired by all who have dared to challenge her, and is able to wield the most technologically advanced weapon in all of Domain 9, which can create an airstream when used with timestamps.

Tower of Fantasy Update 3.0 Domain 9 Sector releases tomorrow on both PC and mobile devices. It’ll also release on the PS4 and PS5 later this year, though no exact date has been revealed.

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