Train Sim World 2 Update 1.75 Out for Nahverkehr Dresden Changes & More This March 22

train sim world update 1.75

Dovetail Games has released the Train Sim World 2 update 1.75 patch today, and this one adds multiple route updates to Nahverkehr Dresden and more! Check out the full Train Sim World 2 March 22 update patch notes below.

Train Sim World 2 Update 1.75 Patch Notes | Train Sim World 2 March 22 Update Patch Notes:

Today we are bringing updates to multiple routes with a particular focus on Nahverkehr Dresden, Sherman Hill and East Coastway.

Nahverkehr Dresden

  • Various improvements to the brakes on Sggmmrss, Zacns and Habbiins wagons so that they are now more accurate.
  • Anti-slip brake no longer cuts power when applied on the DB BR 143
  • Various updates to the brakes on the DB BR 143
  • Removed automatic resetting, will need to recycle power control off and back on again to regain traction.
  • Traction lock will come off at 1.2 bar brake cylinder pressure regardless of brake type.
  • Updated AFB electric brake control. AFB will now be able to use electric braking
  • Updated electric brake control from the Cab car so that it will now control it on the DB BR 143.
  • Improvements to the electric and air brake on the DB BR 143 so that is it now more predictable and responds better.
  • Added additional Indicator lights to the DB BR 143
  • Improved brightness in the Cab of the DB BR 143 as it was previously too dim.
  • Updated Sifa on the DB BR 143 so that the indicator light illuminates when Sifa is disabled or in a warning/emergency state.
  • Updated PZB so that the PZB Acknowledge is no longer triggered while it’s turned off on the DB BR 143.
  • Made various minor improvements to the DB BR 143-Corrected Electric brake performance so that it is now power limited at higher speeds.
  • Corrected slipping behaviour.
  • Update the sander switch so that it now works.
  • Made sanders move effective at all speeds.
  • Friction brake performance should now be closer to expected performance.
  • Corrected position of contact signaller button.
  • Increased speed of tap changer.
  • Corrected P release and application times.
  • Updated the emergency brake on the DB BR 363 so that it only activates once pushed over the threshold.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to trackside telephones.
  • Updated traffic so that it is no longer driving in the wrong direction near Trieb.
  • Updated PZB so that is no longer affects the Traction Lock when switching cabs.
  • Removed incorrect formations from the scenario planner. BR 185 formations should no longer appear listed as BR 363 formations.
  • Adjusted all of the DB BR 767 Cab cars so that they are now facing forwards when using the scenario planner.
  • Improved brake functionality for the Laaers carrier wagons, there should no longer be an extremely large delay when waiting for the brakes to release.
  • Updated the headlights on the DB BR 442 have been brought into line with BR 146 and other locos on the route.
  • Updated the Dopplestock lights so that they have similar effectiveness to the DB BR 146.
  • Memory optimisation improvements for the DB BR 146-2.
  • Improved safety system reset on game controller for DB BR 143.
  • Improved brake pressure handling for full-service brake applications on DB BR 143
  • Improved wiper controls in Doppelstocks.
  • Fixed issue with “Contact Signaller” control on Doppelstocks and moved it to the telephone handset.
  • Set the default position of the wipers to Park instead of Off for the Doppelstocks.

Tharandter Rampe

  • Added missing GNT suppression balises.
  • Fixed instances where the DB BR 442 formations were causing game crashes.

Sherman Hill

  • Improved light baking in Hermosa Tunnel.
  • Updated grade crossings at Wycon, Cheyenne chemical Works and Budford. The crossings should now be more realistic to real life and give a warning of a train approaching if lights/arms are present.
  • Removed unique smokestack from the wrong area at Dyno Nobel Chemical Plant
  • Moved the Mastery tile so that Bison are now more visible from the tracks.
  • Various minor visual improvements to Cheyenne and Laramie.
  • Updated the ditch lights colour to match the headlights on the SD70ACe.
  • Replaced concrete material with ballast material for Laramie and Cheyanne bridges.
  • Updated the lights on the SD70ACe to ensure they initialise as expected.
  • Correctly placed the Sherman Hill Summit sign.
  • Various minor visual improvements to Laramie Cement Works.
  • Minor performance improvements across the whole route by removing unnecessary weeds which were impacting FPS.
  • Improvements to scenery so that the terrain is now smooth near the tracks and harsh lines are no longer visible.
  • Added newly optimised wheat mesh.

Sand Patch Grade

  • Updated the SD40 so that it now displays the correct numbers to match the livery. (8301, 8308, 8310, 8316, 8345, 8347, 8372, 8375, 8438)

Schnellfahrstrecke Köln

  • Updated the New Journeys Koln Timetable to support PIS and virtual destinations.
  • Added missing ICE line numbers.
  • Switched on Unload All for all terminating services.
  • Moved BR363 at Koln Depot so that it can access the turntable.

East Coastway

  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to the Class 377/4.
  • Installed Overspeed functionality on the Class 66.
  • Updated the Class 66 to remove grass sound from the cab when walking around.
  • Various minor improvements to TPWS and AWS on the Class 66.
  • Updated Brighton station so that it is now correctly lit at all times of day.
  • Moved two lamp posts either side of Hampden Park Level Crossing that blocked the view of the station when on the footbridge.
  • Added the ability to use the footbridge at Hampden Park level crossing.
  • Updated the tunnels so that they are now shadowed correctly.
  • Changed the weather during the Loose Connection scenario from lightly raining to full raining.
  • Updated the colour of AWS ramps from Yellow to Green.
  • Added Contact Signaller functionality to signals with telephones on the posts.
  • Updated the ability to climb up all platforms along their entire length.
  • Added working level crossings to various locations along the route.
  • Updated the skybox to be compatible with the latest version.
  • Updated Falmer station so that it’s no longer populated with hundreds of NPC’s at peculiar times of the evening.
  • Various minor localisation improvements.
  • Added contact signaller functionality to the Class 66.

Main Spessart Bahn

  • Changed the weather during the Auto Runner scenario from lightly raining to full raining.
  • Various improvements to localisation when using the scenario planner.
  • Rush Hour passengers have now been added.

Bakerloo Line

  • Updated name of rail vehicle in the Livery Designer menu to be prefix with the DLC it comes from.
  • Various minor localisation improvements.

London Commuter

  • Improvements to cruise control on the class 377 so that it will apply electric brake when going downhill, or when the speed set is below current speed.
  • Updated coupling IDs so that all Electrostars will couple and work together

If there are any more changes announced in the Train Sim World 2 update 1.75 we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Dovetail Games forums

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