Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – Dinobots Are Coming To Multiplayer Next Week

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If you played Fall of Cybertron multiplayer you would have notice that it’s missing one of the biggest things about the game, the Dinobots. While they are apart of the single player portion of the title, the reasoning behind leaving them out of Multiplayer sadly had to do with just how would they incorporate it into the multiplayer.

“They have a different animation system, their rigs are different, and we didn’t know how we would fit them into the carefully balanced set of archetypes (cars, trucks, tanks, and planes). They didn’t fit any of those classes, and we couldn’t make a fifth class and have it be just the Dinobots,” director Matt Tieger told Polygon.

However, it seems that this has now been fixed and starting next week you’ll be able to download a new Multiplayer pack titled “Dinobots Destructor”, which will include the Dinobots Grimlock, Slug, Snarl, and Swoop. All Dinobots will have a vehicles form, along with special abilities and their own classes. No pricing, however has been set for this new DLC pack.

Screenshots of the new DLC:

What are your thoughts on this DLC Pack? What if it costs money? Leave your comment down below.