Treyarch Investigates Black Ops 2 Matchmaking and Freezing Issues on the PlayStation 3

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Treyarch is investigating matchmaking issues on the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

This Call of Duty forum thread with already over 2000 replies details some of the issues many PlayStation 3 users are currently experiencing. According to reports, many are having trouble finding matches online and are constantly being presented with the following message upon trying to find a game session:

An error occured when trying to find a session. Please try again.

Recently, Treyarch game design director David Vonderhaar responded to concerns on Twitter, saying, “we’re testing back-end changes to help allow alleviate some of the matchmaking issues. No time table yet.” He later added, “we are indeed up and running, but we are also aware not everyone can connect. We are investigating something with our partners at Sony.” Fortunately, it looks like some progress is being made. Vonderhaar’s latest statement read, “we are currently testing backend matchmaking changes that we think can help with this. I don’t have a time table, or I would tell you.”

Those still experiencing system freezes, another known issue with the PlayStation 3 version of Black Ops 2, will have to wait for an upcoming patch to alleviate the problem. A few hours ago, Vonderhaar tweeted, “we found and fixed one known PS ‘freeze’ so far. Unfortunately, it can’t be hotfixed and hast to be patched.”

Be sure to check back often so we can keep you updated. Are you a PlayStation 3 user? Have you been experiencing any matchmaking or freezing issues?

Thanks, Wez, for the tip!