Treyarch on Black Ops I: “We Felt Like We Could Push It So Much More,” Treyarch Promises More PC Support

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Treyarch Studio Head Mark Lamia wants Black Ops fans to know that the team behind Black Ops II has much more to offer this time around, feeling that the Original Black Ops was just “base-level.” He also touches on the PC versions of Black Ops II, ensuring that it will be well supported and will run on a variety of PCs.

“Gosh, I guess it’s been over a year and a half now,” referring to the original Black Ops as Lamia speaks to Aus Gamers. He elaborates, “as we were wrapping up Black Ops I, the team was really firing on all cylinders.” He adds, “the multiplayer team was excited about what we’d created; the zombies team was excited about what we’d created.” He admits, however, “we were really proud of what we’d created, but we felt like that was kind of like the base-level. We felt like we could push it so much more. So that’s why you’re seeing so many new things go into Black Ops II.” So far, Black Ops II is already promising to deliver much more with enhancements to the graphics enginea bigger and better Zombies mode, and multiplayer that’s being built from the ground up.

PC players can also look forward to improvements and a much higher level of support with Black Ops II, promises Treyarch. “We have a PC team that’s dedicated to the PC version of the game,” explains Lamia. He added, “we are optimising our engine for DX11. There’s a more efficient system we’re working on, a proprietary anti-cheat mechanism for the PC specifically.”

Backing up Lamia’s statement, Treyarch’s director of technology Cesar Stastny recently said on Twitter that the “pc version is developed by a dedicated pc team simultaneously with the other platforms.” He also touched on their anti-cheat measures, stating, “every popular PC title is hacked upon release. We are improving our ability to detect and ban based on lessons learned on Black Ops,” which should come as a good sign to many PC players.

Lamia went on to explain that Black Ops II will cater to a variety of different rigs, both high-end and low end. “We’re doing all kinds of advancements on the graphics engine that is going to, I think, yield great results if you’ve invested in a new rig,” he remarked. However, he adds, “I think the flip side of that is, if you have a rig that’s been around for a couple of years, that’s fine too. Because we’re actually trying to make it play really great on a wide variety of systems.”

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