Tribes of Midgard Upcoming New Content Revealed, Will No Longer Release Mid-Saga Updates

tribes of midgard upcoming new content

Norsfell has revealed Tribes of Midgard upcoming new content in their latest developer blog update, including the revelation that the studio will no longer be releasing mid-saga updates in a bid to focus more on the game’s seasons. Check out all the new stuff announced in this latest update, as well as what players can expect from the game’s future.

Before we get to the upcoming new content, here’s the announcement from Norsfell on how the studio will approach updates in the future:

After taking a hard look at our cadence of releases, we realized that Tribes of Midgard shines brighter with larger, more significant updates that offer players highly compelling reasons to return rather than a steady trickle of content. This is why we’ve decided to no longer release smaller Mid-Saga updates, and instead focus exclusively on making each new Season as impactful as possible.

Next Season will be by far our biggest update yet! There is much to come with Saga 3’s debut that we’ll talk about as soon as we can. But until then, here’s a sneak peek of one change we’re particularly excited about…

Season 3 of Tribes of Midgard will feature the following:

  • Make your own Village! Players will spawn in a World with no Village to defend from pesky Jötnar or Helthings and instead will grow by building their own crafting stations and settlements to establish their foothold.
  • Construction 2.0! We’re overhauling the Construction system to provide players with the tools to achieve that vision, with new pieces like roofs and stairs as well as the ability to rotate your Camera to help design your perfect home.
  • Create your own Destiny! Players will benefit from a brand new Blessing Tree to fully customize their progression and unlock skills that would otherwise be contained to specific Classes. The Level cap will also be increased from 10 to 50.
  • Take over Ragnarök! While Jötnar will no longer march towards your Village, they will be found throughout Midgard and can be defeated for rewards. The same goes for Saga Bosses. The hunters become the hunted!

Stay tuned here at MP1st for the patch notes once this latest update for the game rolls out. Norsfell has not specifically given a date on this one, so be sure to check in every now and then for more updates!

Source: Tribes of Midgard

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