Try Out These Playerstate Battlefield 2042 Challenges for a Chance to Win Prizes

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If you’re one of the many thousands of players enjoying Battlefield 2042, then here’s a way you can keep enjoying those titles while earning a chance to win some awesome rewards! Playerstate, the community-driven content creation app for gamers, have recently announced that they have added two new challenges for Battlefield 2042. Both are on-going right now and could net you some great rewards, so read on below to find out more on Playerstate.

First off, if you’re wondering what even is Playerstate, here’s a short rundown from their official site:

For years we’ve been blown away by the passion and creativity within the games industry. We’ve witnessed creators all over the world designing and discussing brilliant ways to expand game experiences. We’re building Playerstate to provide creative players with a place to get noticed, collaborate and monetise skills. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a pro, you’ll find plenty of awesome stuff here!

Currently, Playerstate have two challenges up for Battlefield 2042. Joining both could net you some pretty sweet rewards, so if you’re interested, check them out below:

Top Clips & Funny Moments

If you’ve got the clips, we’ve got the cash.

Submit a Battlefield 2042 gameplay clip that fits into any of these categories: Epic, Fail, Funny or Lucky.

Top 5 Kills Montage

We want your kills but all in a row and all montage-y.

Showcase your top 5 killing sprees that fit within any of these categories: as a specialist on the ground, roadkill in any vehicle, air-air combat, heavy armoured vehicle (tank) or taking out the enemy from a distance as a Sniper.

Signing up for Playerstate is completely free, and you can do that by checking the site out here.

The Battlefield 2042 challenges will run for 20 days each and the Playerstate team will decide the winners + award recognition for those who might not win. The team also announced their plans to add more challenges, and if you explore the platform you can see a few others for Forza Horizon 5, The Sims 4 and Roboquest. Playerstate also shared that they will be adding Oddworld: Soulstorm and GTA V soon.

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