Twisted Metal – Demo Status, Nuke Mode Talon Issue Resolved In Retail Game

David Jaffe discusses the current status of the Twisted Metal’s demo along with addressing concerns over Talons.

David Jaffe has stated on Twitter that the matchmaking issues in the demo are still being worked on, and that the team has been working hard all weekend. Though, it has gotten much better, the team strives to make it 100% working, and hopefully can extend the demo a little longer for players.

As for the concerns over Talons in ranked games.  Although the demo had no vehicle restrictions, rank games in the final retail game will have them restricted in certain game modes including Nuke Mode. The issue isn’t that the vehicles are overpowered in the current demo, it’s just that there are way to many Talons being used at once. Jaffe saying that “Too many too much!!”

Twisted Metal Will Support User Generated Skins

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