Twisted Metal – Graphics Vs. Gameplay, Patch Focus, and More

David Jaffe reveals some tough decisions the developers behind Twisted Metal had to make as well as some more details of game mechanics, in-game music, and modes.

First off, Jaffe explains that DLC or changes to mechanic will not be made for Twisted Metal until they see how well the game does in sales and how well the community responds after launch. An example of a mechanics would be the ability to pick up a Juggernaut with Two Talons, which sadly did not make it into the game due to time. Instead, they will be focusing on balancing and patching any exploit that may be found in the game post-launch.

Many people on the net have been fussing about the graphics for Twisted Metal saying it doesn’t look “next-gen” or is just plain ugly for a modern game. However, David Jaffe has stated that he hopes gamers will become “wrapped” in it’s gameplay and speed. He added that everything has it’s cost/choice and the team feels that they made the right decision in the direction for Twisted Metal PS3, ensuring that it’ll be the best for both the game and it’s fans.

As for some new gameplay news, characters that use remote attacks, such as Vermin and Meat Wagon are vulnerable to attacks themselves. So, even if your controlling a remote rocket, your character will be stationed wherever it was used and can be harmed by any attacks.

If you missed the news before, David Jaffe has reconfirmed that Twisted Metal will indeed support in-game music. This comes to much relief as not many PS3 titles actually support this, so it’s good to see that Twisted Metal does.

We touched down on just some of the few modes in our last post which you can read here. In an unranked game, all 7 of these modes can be customized. It’s not clear as to what extent, but expect a new Twisted Metal video in the coming weeks explaining more on customization.

Some additional details concerning Single Player modes: Campaign, Challenge, 1V1 Endurance, Max Endurance, 1V10 Cars.

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