Twisted Metal – Key To Winning, Carnage Mode, and More

David Jaffe discusses a few tips to winning and some game modes information for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive, Twisted Metal.

Like any multiplayer games the map knowledge plays an important role in winning. Knowing the layouts, where all the weapons and pickups are, can lead to a win. It’s important that you not only master the vehicle and it’s weapons, but also master the maps to learn of all it’s secrets such as short-cuts and entrance points to hard to reach places according to Jaffe. Carnage mode main focus is how much damage is being done and your skills with weapons rather than how many kills a team has. The amount of damage you receive is taken away and given to the other team and vice-versa. The value of offense and defense is greatly increased compared to other matches. Other ways to earn points are from kill bonuses and survival bonuses (survive 45 seconds or longer). It offers a “totally different gameplay” from that of death matches. Every weapon and vehicle are “equal” according to Jaffe; however, they are carved to be played in different style, which may make them more useful in certain situations than others. Bugs and exploit will be checked for constantly after the game has been launched.

According to the recent ESRB rating details, Twisted Metal will feature a Capture the Leader type of mode. As mentioned in our previous post, there will be certain areas in the game that will be inaccessible unless you do an excessive amount of damage to certain structures. These areas usually contain the locations of the fractions leaders. Once the leader is captured they will then be dragged, leaving a large blood trail from behind the vehicle. Along with this gruesome death, players will get the opportunity to use old time favorites such as the Machine gun, Chainsaw, or the Flamethrower.

In a few weeks an onslaught of new videos will be released. These videos will range from your standard “Making Of” to a more in deph look at multiplayer such as hosting and other multiplayer features. If you missed any other Twisted Metal news make sure to visit here.

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