Twisted Metal – Killstreak Rewards, Rank Unlocks, and the Hardest Trophy

During a live developer stream, hosted by Sonyrumors, new details for Twisted Metal were revealed.

It has been confirmed that there will now be rank unlocks. Though, some might think this would unbalance the game, these unlocks are not “Upgrades”, which imply that some players would have access to better weapons, (getting something better then something else) stated Jaffe. Along with weapons, Vehicles will also be unlocked by reaching a certain rank.

Also, killstreaks rewards have been confirmed for Twisted Metal.  Turbo, mega gun, and red mega gun are just some of the rewards found in the game. Although the red mega gun is a very powerful reward, it is only exclusive to killstreaks and all these killstreaks are balanced. Killstreaks are intentionally put into the game to “intensify” the struggle to stay alive.

A new trophy has been confirmed, and apparently will be the hardest trophy to get. Players must freeze an enemy. Once the enemy is frozen, they must then hit them with yet another freeze, which will then bounce back freezing them. The trophy requires you to kill yourself with the redirect freeze blast.

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