Ubisoft Announces “XDefiant,” a 6v6 Free-to-Play Arena Shooter, Here’s the Trailer

Ubisoft has officially announced XDefiant, a new 6v6, arena-based free-to-play shooter! Yes, this is the new Tom Clancy game teased yesterday! The game is being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, and is headed to the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Here’s the reveal trailer:

We’ll have more info regarding XDefiant in a bit once embargo is up!

Check out the screenshots, and other info straight from the press release right here.

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One thought on “Ubisoft Announces “XDefiant,” a 6v6 Free-to-Play Arena Shooter, Here’s the Trailer

  1. Dozens of billions cash… dozens of thousands of employees… amazing dev tools that can basically generate a full fledged gta5 map, in just a few seconds… 30+ years of data, stats, etc about what gamers like or not, sales numbers, reviews…

    …but despite all this, ubisoft isn’t capable of making a great game. Breakpoint… watchdogs legions… etc etc… they desperately hope they will release the next fortnite game, that will bring them billions of $ in just a few months.

    They are so focused trying to make the next big battle Royale game, full of skins and other microtransactions , that they forget to do even the most basic things.

    Damn, ubisoft, give us a great Rayman game, with next gen visuals, raytracing, 4k 60fps….
    Shit, with just 20 or 30 employees, a couple million $, and the old Rayman engine upgraded and ready to support the next gen features like nvme and raytracing, they could easily MAKE a new, fantastic, Rayman title !

    But no. Battle Royale… co-op online crap…
    So disappointing. By the time they made games like Rayman, they probably didn’t even have 50k on their bank accounts.
    Today, they have over 10 B I L L I O N S … and they can’t make a good game.

    Let’s hope far cry 6 will be a great game… as it is the only ubisoft game I still care about. All the other crap….

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