Ubisoft Clarifies That Their Next-Gen Game Prices Will Remain $60 When PS5 and Xbox Series Launch

Ubisoft could be bringing their own subscription based service

With next-gen consoles releases happening later this year, many had wondered if we would see a price increase in games. Recently, NBA 2K21 saw a $10 increase for their next-gen versions, leading many to think that this would become a new standard. Thankfully, at least for Ubisoft, the company plans on releasing their next-gen titles this Holiday for the same price of $60. This was revealed by the publisher during its quarterly earnings call today.

Speaking during the quarterly Ubisoft earning call, Ubisoft’s chief executive officer Yves Guillemot and Chief Financial Officer Frédérick Duguet replied to a question revolving around the increase in the price of next-gen titles, and if the company was planning on increasing their prices.

“For the Christmas games, we plan to come with the same price than the previous generation of consoles and that’s what we focus on at the moment,” Guillemot said.

They didn’t classify whether or not they would remain the same price throughout the entire generation of next-gen consoles as the question was pertaining to the launch window of next-gen. 

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