Uncharted 3 Patch 1.13 To Bring Big Changes – Patch Notes Part One

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After teasing Uncharted 3 players for weeks, Naughty Dog is finally gearing up for the release of patch 1.13. The patch is set to launch August 1st and will bring many new gameplay fixes, some new DLC, and a brand new game system.

This is only the first of the many patch notes coming for 1.13, for now Naughty Dog has revealed some of the gameplay changes including confirmation of online trophies.


  • Increased recoil has been added to the G-MAL
  • Deathmatch will now appear in round 5 instead of round 3 in Team Objective game modes
  • Quitting out of Co-op will no longer count as a Competitive loss when signing-out/disconnecting
  • Lab games no longer count towards the Leaderboard
  • Death from Above medal now requires the player to be at least 2 meters off the ground
  • Players can earn more than 1 “Here, Hold This Medal” in a match
  • A collection of trophies have been added for each DLC pack available
  • The TAU Sniper Pistol has been tuned so the rate of fire is up 30% and its starting ammo is now 8 not 12
  • The M9 blindfire accuracy has been reduced by 10% efficiency
  • Cloaked level 3 is now immune to the effects of Disruption (it wasn’t working properly so we fixed it)