Unofficial Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Performance Fix Improves Experience

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Performance Fix

For those playing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor on PC and running into issues, you’ll be glad to know that we don’t have to wait for Respawn to release a patch to help make the experience better. This unofficial, user performance fix for Jedi: Survivor seems to have done the trick somewhat.

Thanks to Reddit user SpicyMemeSyndrome’s testing, multiple gamers from the Fallen Order subreddit have confirmed that the fix below works, and based on our own testing, we saw a huge performance boost as well. Having said that, remember that your mileage may vary, so don’t expect this to be the one solution to the game’s tech issues.

Unofficial Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Performance Fix:

(10600k OC @ 5GHz, 3080ti 12GB, DDR4 32GB)

Per SpicyMemeSyndrome – Before these changes I was getting ~55fps and with lots of stuttering… After making these changes I am getting up to ~105fps in smaller areas and ~80fps in larger areas… Regardless of the frame rate I’m getting, the game is WAY smoother and looks MUCH better!

Note, there are still some catches when loading occurs in large areas, but these are very brief and infrequent.

  • Enabling ReBAR (Nvidia profile inspector)
  • In GameUserSettings.ini (appdata/local/swgame/…): setting antialiasing to 0 (low)
  • setting resolution quality to 100%
  • changing any screen height/width variables to display resolution (1440p in my case)
  • changing any fullscreen variables to 1
  • setting desired screen height to True

(All other visual settings were set to 3 (epic), might need to be less aggressive with older hardware)

  • Making GameUserSettings.ini as read only because the game seems to want to change resolution quality to 50%
  • In Nvidia control panel: enabling anisotropic filtering
  • setting antialiasing settings to override, 8x, and super sampling (might need to be less aggressive with older hardware)

Once in-game:

  • setting FSR to quality (not a fan of fsr but it gets the best result for me)
  • turn off ray tracing


For those unaware, the game’s tech issues are rampant enough on PC that the game has been review bombed on Steam. However, even console gamers aren’t spared of these tech issues as well, which is something we noted on in our review of the game.

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