“Unrecord” Bodycam FPS Devs Prove Gameplay Footage Is Legit by Sharing Unreal Engine 5 Editor Video


First revealed in a stunning trailer released two days ago, DRAMA’s Unrecord is a hyper-realistic narrative FPS with strikingly detailed, immersive visuals. However, the game’s graphics have led skeptics to doubt its authenticity, claiming that the trailer actually showed off real-life footage, and that the game is vaporware. Unrecord’s director Alexandre Spindler has now put such claims to rest by releasing Unreal Engine 5 developer footage in which he freely manipulates the game’s environments and camera.

On April 19, indie developer DRAMA announced Unrecord with the following trailer:

The early gameplay trailer is not intended to be representative of the final product, but it still reveals an unprecedentedly-impressive level of graphical fidelity. Unrecord tells the story of a police offer through his body camera, and as such, the camera angles, movement system, recoil, and other immersion effects are extremely realistic. However, given that many other ambitious titles making such promises have as of yet failed to materialize, many gamers theorize that DRAMA’s upcoming FPS title is also vaporware, and that the gameplay shown in the trailer is actually real-life footage.

To counter these claims, director Alexandre Spindler has released a video of him manipulating the game’s environments and camera in the Unreal Engine 5 editor, proving its authenticity:

In so far, DRAMA has announced no release window for Unrecord, though it is confirmed to be coming to PC and unspecified consoles. Stay tuned here at MP1st for all upcoming news and announcements about the title.

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