Visceral Boss Thanks You For Playing the Battlefield Hardline Beta In New Video

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Get to know Visceral Games’ VP and GM Steve Papoutsis a little better in this video addressed to participants of last month’s Battlefield Hardline multiplayer beta.

Papoutsis assures fans that the studio is listening to all feedback and that they’ve got more surprises lined up down the road. The unlisted video was published last week, but we didn’t notice it until it was posted on Reddit earlier today, so give it a watch if you haven’t yet.

He is also currently taking question over on Twitter, so send off a reply with any of your curiosities.

UPDATE: Looks like answers are coming at the end of the week:

Last week, Visceral lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser outlined a number of these improvements that Papoutsis mentioned, listing updates to player movement, suppression, gadgets, and a whole lot more. Be sure to read the entire change log right here.

We also listed a few of our favorite community-made cinematic videos that came out of the Beta, and some of them are really awesome.

The Battlefield Hardline Beta will return on all platforms later this Fall and will “showcase more” of what the full game has to offer, says the studio.

Visceral’s Cops and Criminals shooter launches on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC on October 21.