Visceral to Include Battlefield YouTubers and Competitive Players in Hardline Development Process

Various Battlefield personalities within the competitive and YouTube communities are making clear their involvement in the development process of Visceral Games’ upcoming cops vs. criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline.

Allegedly, they’re calling it EA’s “Game Changer” program, which, judging by tweets from participants, aims to utilize feedback from some of Battlefield’s most hardcore audience members to better shape the game as it marches closer to launch this Fall.

According to reports, it appears that a handful of these individuals took part in a recent play test of sorts at EA’s headquarters where they got some hands-on time with the game and supplied Visceral developers with valuable feedback.

Obviously, no one is giving out specifics as to what they saw or played, but you can get some insight by simply checking out some of the Twitter feeds we’ve included below:

I more than likely missed a few, but that should give you the gist of things.

It was recently confirmed that Visceral is, in fact, leading development on both multiplayer and single player for Battlefield Hardline, with collaboration from Battlefield veteran studio, Digital Illusions CE.

It’s cool to see EA get some of Battlefield’s most respected community members involved in the game’s development, and it’s likely also a way to make good with gamers still shaken up over Battlefield 4’s troubled launch.

Do you think this approach from EA will have a positive impact on final release?

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