Visceral Testing Bad Company 2 Class Balance in Battlefield Hardline

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We want it. You want it. We all want Battlefield: Bad Company 3. If not, then at least a Battlefield game that captures that distinct Bad Company spirit we’ve all fallen so deeply in love with.

Visceral’s upcoming cops and criminals-themed Battlefield spin-off isn’t quite Bad Company 3. But, as it turns out, it appears that the multiplayer design team behind Hardline has taken note of our excitement for the fan-favorite series and is looking into a few ways to bring that magic into their Battlefield game.

Through fan interaction on Twitter, we learned that the studio is now experimenting with a Bad Company-style class set up where the rifle-carrying Assault class supplies ammunition and the LMG-wielding Support class hands out med-packs. This is similar to the way classes were set up in the Bad Company series, which was later altered back when Battlefield 3 came along in 2011.

According to Visceral lead multiplayer designer Thad Sasser, classes in Hardline’s Tokyo Game Show build are, in fact, set up the way they were in Bad Company.

If you were a big fan of that set-up, don’t get too pumped just yet, however. There’s still no telling if it will make it into the final game; “Were still experimenting with the best combos though,” Sasser added “So we’ll see what we discover!”

When we spoke to Sasser to gather material four our Hardline preview, we learned that he’s actually quite the fan of the Bad Company series and hopes to get “…back to that crisp-ness and that kind of snappy-ness of the core combat…” that he thinks “…was really so interesting and awesome about Bad Company 2 at its heart.”

What’s your take on Battlefield’s current class set-up? Do you prefer the Bad Company-style, or the newer Battlefield 3 / Battlefield 4-style?